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SYRIA: The White Helmet Exodus Managed by ‘Regime-Change’ Coalition

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire 

According to reports in CBS News, a number of members of the pro-Syrian-regime-change coalition, including the UK and Holland have lobbied U.S President, Donald Trump, to evacuate the White Helmets from Syria to avoid their possible elimination in the battles to liberate the Southern provinces of Syria that are occupied by Nusra Front who power multiply the ubiquitous armed “moderates” favoured by the US Coalition. 

“CBS News has learned the question of how to extract the emergency workers was raised with President Trump in multiple conversations with allied countries on the sidelines of the NATO summit. The Netherlands, U.K., France, Canada and Germany are scrambling to find a way to save the lives of an estimated 1,000 volunteers and their family members. Around 300 of them are considered to be in imminent danger.”

The UK are primary creators and fundraisers for the Al Qaeda (and splinter groups) auxiliary and Theresa May was quick to leap to their defence:

“Prime Minister Theresa May personally brought up the emergency issue during her meeting with Mr. Trump in the U.K. Formally known as the Syrian Civil Defense group, the White Helmets expect to be marked as resistance targets and slaughtered by Assad’s forces, which are backed by Iranian and Russian firepower.”

This is not the first time that the White Helmets have been given such high level protection by the members of the “International Community” who have been waging an illegal war against Syria for more than seven years. On the 16th March 2018, the permanent Syrian representative at the UN, Dr Bashar Al Jaafari informed the UN Security Council:

“He warned that giving the opportunity for terrorist groups, including the so-called “White Helmets” which are affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, to use the Security Council as a podium constitutes a flagrant violation of UNSC resolutions, particularly those related to combating terrorism, adding “the biggest scandal is that a UN agency operating in Damascus demanded the evacuation of 76 members of White Helmets from Eastern Ghouta, while paying no attention to the lives of thousands of civilians.”

On the 17th March, NATO-aligned, Soros funded NGO – Human Rights Watch reported:

“On March 17, Human Rights Watch received a distress call from a member of the Syrian Civil Defense who told Human Rights Watch that he and 19 colleagues, five of whom are wounded, have been surrounded by government forces. According to him, in addition, there are 90 members of the Syrian Civil Defense and their relatives trapped in a second location, and they are all requesting safe passage to non-government-held areas. He said they fear retaliation, including summary execution, when the government takes the area.”

It appears that NATO member states have brought pressure to bear upon Trump prior to his meeting with Putin next week in the hope that Trump can persuade Putin to spare the lives of their most valuable asset, the White Helmets – who have been single-handedly responsible for producing and nurturing the majority of chemical/chlorine weapon attack narratives, including Khan Sheikhoun and Douma that has now been proven highly contentious by the OPCW interim report.

21st Century Wire article: False Flag Fail: How Syrian Civilians Derailed White Helmet Chemical Stunt in Eastern Ghouta 

The alarmist reports from the financiers of the White Helmets among NATO member states, include claims that the Syrian government will execute the members of this terrorist aligned group when liberation of the southern region is completed. These claims ignore the fact that, in East Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta, the White Helmets fled alongside the armed groups on the green buses that evacuated them to Idlib.

“This effort says we are in the evacuation phase. It is an admission that the regime is going to regain control of the country and the White Helmets can’t remain,” said a U.S. government official.” ~ from CBS report.

Trump has signalled the withdrawl of US presence inside Syria and an end to the illegal US occupation of the North East of Syria. The requested removal of the White Helmets is another admission of this group being a member of the regime-change-coalition apparatus as had been previously stated by US State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauert in an extraordinary press briefing:

As with East Aleppo  and Eastern Ghouta liberations from extremist armed group occupation – these NATO member states and their lock-step media will not mention the scenes of celebration that are emerging from Daraa and the surrounding countryside following full liberation by the Syrian Arab Army and allies, including the Russian Amnesty and Reconciliation teams who will have negotiated the evacuations of the armed groups and their sidekicks, the White Helmets:

No further proof is needed that the White Helmets are an integral part of the US Coalition regime change machinery and that deals have been struck to protect this primary propaganda construct that has consistently advocated “no fly zones” and called upon the international community to intervene militarily on behalf of the faux-revolutionary forces that have brutalised the Syrian people for more than seven years. Perhaps Trump genuinely intends to withdraw all assets from inside Syria – if that is the case where will the White Helmets go? Will they morph into a “security force” to “rebuild Syria” as has been suggested in a number of reports?

The White Helmets do not stay to help the civilians, while claiming to have rescued 115,000 since their establishment in Turkey and Jordan in 2013. They move with the armed groups with no regard for the civilian population they leave behind.

Much is made of the alleged Russian “propaganda campaign” to discredit this UK/US hybrid-war group of narrative builders but very little has been said about an informed Syrian population who understand the part played by this group in maintaining the war and the suffering of millions inside and outside Syria. It is Syria that will reject the White Helmets and it is Syrians who should be heard when they accuse this pseudo first response outfit of war crimes and child abduction, among a number of other atrocities they are accused of having committed or enabled:

Eastern Ghouta Testimonies April 2018, Damascus.

“Civil defence” (White Helmets) were supposed to help wounded civilians, but NO! if any of the terrorists were wounded they would run to their aid, but civilians – NO. It was very rare, if they (White Helmets) weren’t going to film it, they wouldn’t come.

When the camera was there they would run around as if they were helping people.

Our neighbor in Zamalka – we left on Friday, but on the Previous Wednesday, there were strikes. The ceiling collapsed onto the woman, and her children. We – the women – pulled 3 kids from under the wreckage, they were alive, but the mother remained there, from the morning till the evening. Nobody came to help. We witnessed that. Her husband kept running around asking them for help, they said “NO”.

They (White Helmets) blamed us for leaving the basement. We were dying in these basements. The smell, alone, could kill you. We were sitting on the floor, nothing there, not even toilets, we needed water, they had given us water tanks with taps, but when the taps were broken, they didn’t fix them. We had to go far away to find water.

When the woman was trapped under the ceiling, they (White Helmets) didn’t come to help her. She stayed there till it was a bit before dusk when groups of people came and got her out…in pieces.” ~ Sabah Al Mushref.

UPDATE 16.7.2018: A recent CNN report on the predicament of the White Helmets claims that diplomatic sources have told them that the U.K, Germany and Canada will be the countries to receive refugee White Helmets. This is worrying blowback as these terrorist affiliates will be absorbed into the societies whose governments created them and sustained them. Will they be redirected? Will they be utilised to further discredit and vilify the Syrian government, SAA and allies? Will they be expected to train new teams of interventionist instruments for future campaigns? Will our Fire Services be expected to employ them, despite cut backs and austerity measures imposed by this Tory government?

Too many questions and too many consequences of the UK FCO financing of yet another regime change war that has failed and is now coming home to roost.


Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist, peace activist, photographer and associate editor at 21st Century Wire. Vanessa was a finalist for one of the most prestigious journalism awards – the 2017 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism – whose winners have included the likes of Robert Parry in 2017, Patrick Cockburn, Robert Fisk, Nick Davies and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism team.


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