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Desperate for a Cause: Progressives Go Haywire Over Trump SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh

Yesterday we learned that US President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh (pictured above) to fill the vacant US Supreme Court Justice seat. As predicted, the Democratic Party establishment and its media surrogate networks are raising the alarm that Trump’s pick will end all sorts of rights previously enjoyed by Americans since the 1960s, namely, abortion and same-sex marriage. But is Kavanaugh really against abortion rights?

To be successfully confirmed by the US Senate, Kavanaugh will need 51 votes in the Senate. With Senator John McCain (R-AZ) potentially out of action due to his ongoing treatment for brain cancer, Vice President Mike Pence may be drafted to break the deadlock in the event of a tie vote on the floor. However, if even one Republican Senator bolts and votes against Trump’s pick for SCOTUS, then Kavanaugh will not pass through, forcing Trump to nominate another pick down the road – a result which will make this issue even more volatile as a midterm imperative for both parties.

Kavanaugh has served as a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit for the past 12 years, but the 53-year-old Kavanaugh has no shortage of real political baggage including a stint as White House Staff Secretary under George W. Bush, and his work with Solicitor General Ken Starr in the impeachment Of President Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal in the late 1990s. In addition to this, there are enough rulings and statements on file for Kavanaugh which will be combed through by Democratic inquisitors and which could turn the entire affair into one of the most arduous and drawn-out confirmation hearings in living memory (Clarence Thomas comes to mind).

Regardless, Trump and Kavanaugh will have their work cut out for them.

Midterm: Abortion is Wedge of Choice

With the vacant Supreme Court seat, the Democratic Party is banking on the abortion issue as their rallying cry to ignite the anti-Trump “Resistance” in the run-up to this year’s midterm elections in November.

Normally, in the run-up to any election, the Democratic Party will seek to mobilize voters based on a series of special interest and socially emotive ‘wedge issues’ which traditionally have been effective in dividing the American public along Left vs Right party lines. Some of the most popular wedge issues include: gun control, gay marriage, prayer in schools and abortion. In recent decades, right-wing Conservatives have generally opposed any gun control measures, promotion of gay marriage, and extended abortion rights, while left-wing Liberal Progressives will champion all of these under the dual banner civil liberties and more popularly in recent years as ‘human rights’. Liberal Progressives will also oppose another issue which is prayer in public schools, often citing this as a Constitutional ‘separation of church and state’ issue.

Not surprisingly, leading Democrats are marketing opposition to this SCOTUS pick as ‘life and death’ in relation to the issue of abortion, or ‘women’s reproductive rights’:

The only problem with this Democratic Party talking point however, is that Brett Kavanaugh is actually on record as saying he would uphold the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision on abortion, as reported by the Washington Post:

Kavanaugh told the Senate in 2006, when he was being confirmed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit: “If confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully. That would be binding precedent of the court. It’s been decided by the Supreme Court.”

He added: “It’s been reaffirmed many times.”

So once again, as with “Trump’s anti-semitism!” and “Steve Bannon’s fascism!“, the Democratic Party’s and mainstream media reactionary hysteria is being promulgated via manufactured talking points in various fake news segments being broadcast by CNN, MSNBC and others. In other words, complete propadanda designed to create something which is not actually there.

The Resistance were already prepared with artwork with multiple signs printed. The Kavanaugh media program was rolled-out into public view as soon as his name came out on the wires.

Just like a predictable formula, the made-to-order #StopKavanaugh hashtag led by George Soros-funded Move On.org and all of its pre-produced animated graphics urging everyone to “Stop Trump’s EXTREME Nominee” – were already in full force all over social media:

Incoherent, nonsensical, relentless ranting. Undoubtedly, as with all things Trump, there is a level of collective insanity which has set in with those positioned as the opposition, and this could lead to more dangerous escalations. Already, Democratic Congresswomen Maxine Waters has encouraged harassment and intimidation against any political opponents seen in public spaces and at restaurants.

It’s only a matter of time before that incoherency and politicized hysteria turns to real violence, as one controversial right-wing pundit pointed out yesterday on social media:


Whatever you might think of Cernovich, his warning is worth noting, and may not be very far off the mark as one recent poll revealed which shows how one-third of American voters believe another civil war is ‘likely to happen soon’, while another poll shows that 60% of respondents believe that unhinged anti-Trump liberals will in fact resort to physical violence if they feel triggered by the specter of Trump.

However, it’s also worth noting that 42% of American voters believe the country is “headed in the right direction”, as opposed to roughly 25% percent during the final year of the Obama Administration.

So if more Americans are happy with the current trajectory, then what are Liberal mobs and the mainstream media really railing against?

(Answer: they simply want the power back.)





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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue