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Lost the Plot: UK Gov Accuses Human Beings of Being ‘Russian Bots’

“Russia trolls” and “Russian bots” – it’s all rage right now in US and UK political and media circles. Still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s epic campaign collapse and loss to Donald Trump in 2016, and unable to defend its own lies and epic failures in Syria – the western establishment is now unleashing a disinformation campaign designed to demonize and vilify dissenting voice. 

Ian Shilling, who goes by the handle of @Ian56789, was condemned as a “Russian bot” by the British government before being targeted by numerous mainstream media outlets who ran with the government’s rather bizarre official conspiracy theory.

The bogus UK government report was then parroted by the mainstream media, not surprisingly, led by The Guardian newspaper who ran with the government’s fake news and disinformation campaign (The Guardian still has not printed a retraction).

Apparently, the British government based its claims on fabricated accusations made by NATO-funded professional troll named Ben Nimmo – who is paid by the Atlantic Council (funded by NATO), and works for their “Digital Forensic Research Lab”, although there seems to be a lack of forensics in Nimmo’s smear campaigns and online harassment which appear to be designed to defame and discredit any independent social media users, bloggers and journalists whose views differ from the US-UK and NATO party line.

Another popular online writer and activist, Maram Susli, better also known as ‘Syrian Girl’ and Partisangirl, lives in Perth, Australia, and was named in the same bogus British government report claiming she was an automated ‘Russian bot’.  According to Susli, the Atlantic Council’s Ben Nimmo lied about her Twitter statistics in order to build his false case against her. As it turns out, Nimmo works with another dubious “open source intelligence expert” named Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat – who has been widely discredited as a paid propagandists for NATO and a purveyor of fake news on Syria, Russia and the Ukraine.

When asked by RT International about whether or not she was a real person, Susli replies:

“Last time I checked, I’m a real human being,” said Susli. “The British government, they can’t even confirm that I’m not an automaton. How can we believe anything they have to say about the evidence they have for Skripal and Syria’s chemical attacks?”

Watch this candid and informative short interview with Syrian activist Susli:

21st Century Wire Syria Files




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