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Israeli Police Recommend Netanyahu Indictment on Corruption Charges for Fraud, Bribery

We’d like to say this is great news, but one can sense that Netanyahu could wiggle out of this situation, perhaps by escalating hostilities with Syria and Lebanon…

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu gets the bad news this afternoon.

Following sustained protests which have carried over since late 2017, Israeli police are now recommending an indictment for Israel’s ‘Crime Minister’ Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

This comes after the Israeli high court notified police of their indictment recommendations following two long-running corruption investigations into the office of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the PM’s office downplayed the police report saying, “we don’t attach any importance to the recommendations, the value of which everyone now understands.”

While the charges sound impressive, there is a high likelihood that Netanyahu will be able to skirt the allegations, which are not earth shattering, and lightweight compared to what other countries consider a ‘corruption scandal’. RT International states:

“The Israeli leader is mired in two separate corruption investigations. The first, known as Case 1000, revolves around him allegedly accepting luxury gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars from an Israeli-American billionaire. The second, which is referred to as Case 2000, is focused on his rumored deal with the influential Yedioth newspaper for better coverage in return for a crackdown on its rival outlet. Netanyahu, who denies all the allegations, is likely to face charges in the first probe, Israeli media reported last week.”

Upon hearing the news, Netanyahu was defiant. Haaretz reports:

Netanyahu responded in a late-night Facebook post, calling the claims “ludicrous” and saying the police chief’s comments “cast a shadow” over the investigation. In the following days Netanyahu continued to criticize the police, including the head of the anti-fraud unit Lahav 433.

Further announcements regarding a pending indictment are expected by Friday.

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