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Deconstructing Olivia Solon’s Dim Conspiracy Theory of ‘Russia-backed Bloggers’ Undermining UK FCO White Helmets

This week, a Guardian journalist named Olivia Solon, based in San Francisco, was tasked with the job of attacking and slandering any independent journalists who have dared to challenge the Guardian’s own establishment party line on a UK government-funded ‘Syrian NGO’ run out of Turkey and erroneously branded as ‘Syrian Civil Defense’ aka the White Helmets (see links below).

In addition to slandering Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlet, Tim Anderson and Patrick Henningsen – all of whom have done extensive field work on the ground in Syria and the Middle East, The Guardian’s ‘technology writer’ Solon is claiming that any journalists or persons on social media who are skeptical of the western government-funded White Helmets are in fact part of an elaborate Russian government-run propaganda operation.

UK Column News co-anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson deconstruct the Guardian’s latest conspiracy theory – which appears to be a masterclass in journalistic fraud, and one that’s specifically designed to slander and defame dissenting independent voices. Watch: 

Note that The Guardian and Olivia Solon also claim that the White Helmets are only “volunteers” – a foundational misrepresentation designed to generate sympathy for their employees. One could call this a gross lie when you consider the fact the White Helmets are paid a regular salary (which the Guardian deceptively call a ‘stipend’) which is in fact much higher than the reported national average for a professional salary of $100 per month (in reality wages are even lower now due to inflation and devaluation of Syrian pound) in Syria – a fact conveniently left out in the Guardian’s apparent foreign office-led Nobel Prize promotional propaganda piece:

“This is the backdrop against which the White Helmets operate – a western-funded Syrian search-and-rescue organisation whose members put their lives at great risk to save civilians, receiving only a monthly stipend of $150.”

Guardian informationists like Solon would never dare mention that the White Helmet’s monthly “stipend” salary is far in excess of the standard salary for a Syrian Army soldier who is lucky to take home $50 per month, or $60 – $80 per month for a commanding officer. Apparently, the Guardian couldn’t be bothered with this basic level of context, probably deemed to be ‘too complicated.’

To call any of this journalism on The Guardian’s part would be a gross overstatement – and this is but one example of many which are casually glossed over by the establishment media paid “activists” from Solon’s primary source, a UK regime change ‘activist’ organisation called The Syria Campaign who describes itself an “independent” but which is bankrolled by UK-based Syrian oil baron, top Tory Party donor and open advocate for regime change in Syria, Ayman Asfari, CEO of Petrofac Limited, international oil services company. Note that Ashfari is currently under investigation for fraud and corruption…

Finally, to further understand the full scope of the Guardian’s US and UK-sponsored narrative on the White Helmets, and see what a poorly stitched together piece of propaganda Olivia Solon’s recent paid-for hit-piece is, watch this incredible accurate video by independent researcher James Corbett on the White Helmets operation:


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