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AL-Mayadeen: Patrick Henningsen on Smart Power and The New NGO Complex

The role which high-profile NGO and charities have played in the demonization and destablization of Syria is well documented by now. But does this mean that all the NGOs are doing the work of the Anglo-American deep state overseas?

21st Century Wire executive editor, Patrick Henningsen, speaks to AL-Mayadeen TV current affairs host Zeinab Al Saffar about the reality of western-based human rights organizations and whether or not it actually lives up to its lofty rhetoric. Have major NGOs and charities become mere interventionist propaganda tools?

Watch this interview::


Patrick Henningsen is founder and editor of the news and analysis website 21st Century Wire and is an independent foreign and political affairs analyst for a number of media outlets. He is also the host of the SUNDAY WIRE talk radio program which airs live every Sunday on the Alternate Current Radio Network. Find out more at: www.patrickhenningsen.com

Also read Patrick Henningsen’s brief summary on this important subject: AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue