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Will Reconciliation Work in Syria? Trendstorm Talks to Steven Sahiounie and Jamila Assi

21st Century Wire says…

Will it work? The latest Syrian peace proposal backed by tripartite guarantors Russia, Iran and Turkey – is set to proceed forward with the formation of local ‘reconciliation committees.’ But not everyone is on board with the process, namely the ‘rebels’ or as the west like to refer to them as ‘the armed opposition.’

“Sputnik reported last week that The Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) has opposed local reconciliation deals in the country, stating that they should not serve as a substitute for wholesome political settlement”, which might therefore diminish the chances that their allied militias will go ahead with this initiative. In the event that they don’t, there’s little that the Syrian Arab Army or Russia could do to force them to reconsider, seeing as how the de-escalation zones are just that — zones where a cessation of hostilities has been commenced — and it’s unlikely that either of them would use military means and break this agreement in order to get their way. This makes the reconciliation committee proposal an ambitious one fraught with the obvious risk that the most important intended parties will decline to participate, which would in that case stonewall the political process in the country.”

Trendstorm host Andrew Korybko talks to Syrian guests Steven Sahiounie and Jamila Assi about the prospects of both De-Escalation and Reconciliation in Syria’s remaining contested areas. Listen:

See the full report text at Sputnik International

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