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Western Media’s #FakeNews in Syria is ‘Call Center Journalism’

21st Century Wire says…

More than ever, it is important that we continually highlight how western corporate media outlets, including the most respected brands in western mainstream media, like CNN, the BBC, AFP, the New York Times and others – have been the driving force behind some of most deceptive reporting and a militaristic propaganda campaign which has targeted Syria and its ally Russia.

These frequent acts of mainstream media malice have already contributed to the unnecessary deaths of countless innocent people throughout the Middle East region.

The question is: will it ever stop?

RT reports…

Martin Jay, an award-winning journalist based in Beirut, described the situation with the media immediately throwing accusations at Russia “call-center journalism I call it.”

“There is a bigger story here, which is that we look at the Syria battlefield and the peace talk that is going on in Kazakhstan and in Switzerland and we wonder why after so many years we are not making any headway at all. One of the reasons why is because superpowers behind these talks – Russia and America, Iran and Turkey – don’t have all the information at their disposal, not only of the political process going on but also of the battlefield itself. We seem to be indulging ourselves in a quagmire of fake news now coming out from Syria,” he told RT.

“I think it is inevitable when you look at the history and how some of these mainstream organizations get their news. If you look at some news reports today, perhaps some of those news reports were immediately fed to BBC and CNN by AFP who seems to be one of the first off the mark. But look closer and more deeply at where these reports are coming from, and you will find the Syrian organization in the UK which is one individual who is anti-Assad, and he was paid by the EU and the British government to essentially cultivate and propagate fake news…about Syria,” Jay added.

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