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#MSM Now Accusing ISIS of ‘War Crimes’ (No Kidding)

US Mainstream Media are struggling to regain credibility, and so they are resorting to banal and ‘safe’ coverage.

Listen as SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen calls out the mainstream media on their latest folly. After turning a blind eye to US and NATO members arming and supporting terrorists in Syria over the last five years, the media are now taking the uber safe route – going after ISIS for ‘war crimes’. No kidding. By doing this, they are also indirectly validating ISIS as a political and sovereign entity. Accusing a criminal, psychotic terrorist group of ‘war crimes’?

What about the ‘war crimes’ of the western and Gulf-backed ‘rebels’? For the last four years, 21WIRE has been reporting ‘rebels’ using chemical weapons in Syria.

Q: Are ISIS really anything more than an organized criminal syndicate of militants who are working for Western, Gulf and Israeli interests?

A: Like al Qaeda before them, they are just the latest geopolitical skeleton key used to justify foreign powers getting involved in either tearing up, or ‘rebuilding’ nations. 

No matter how many times proof surfaces to implicate the ‘rebels’, western mainstream media and politicians continue to try and frame the government of Bashar al Assad for “using chemical weapons against his own people”  – which was nothing but fake news

LISTEN TO FULL SHOW HERE: http://21stcenturywire.com/2017/03/12/episode-176-sunday-wire-march-madness-with-guests-pierre-lecorf-gearoid-o-colmain-basil-valentine/

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