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UK Column: Govt ‘Behavioural’ Dept, Privatising the NHS, Child Abuse Whistleblower, Lethal Tasers

21st Century Wire says…

Today’s top news stories for Britain, Europe and the US.

UK Column News anchor Brian Gerrish, joined by guest co-host Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE.

START Weather & the International Travails of Patrick Henningsen
01:24 Research for a Commissioned Article on the ‘Migrant Crisis’
01:58 Live reportage : the Realities of actually Independent Media
03:47 Religion Tests? Donald Trump’s outbursts and non-policies
06:21 Clinton Health-scares? Bill is the one to watch for : a Corpse
07:52 Privatisation of the NHS : Myth of a ‘Public’ Health Service
11:47 Boris Johnson on ‘Standby’ whilst the PM galavants abroad
13:12 Stasi Britain – A Conservative form of ‘Collectivist’ Tyranny
17:43 Russian Defence : a lesser budget delivers better Equipment
22:14 The Church Abandoned its Station at the most critical hour
24:52 Psychometric tests & selection inside the Institutions of State
25:21 Lord Green of HSBC : Welby, Lagarde, Satanism & Wealth
31:35 Ex-PM David Cameron equipped with religious pretensions
35:47 Police Whistleblower stonewalled by the British government
39:54 Bizarre : ‘Non-Lethal’ weapons that persist in Killing people




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #202 - Jan-Feb Issue
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