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Philippines React to Latest ‘ISIS Social Media Threat’ Against 2017 Miss Universe Pageant

21st Century Wire says…

Once again, social media continues to drive the new ‘global security’ agenda.

The alleged target in this case is the renowned Miss Universe pageant which is being held early next year in Manila.

You couldn’t have a more emotive target, and one which plays directly into the Pam Geller-U2/Bono style narrative which implies that somehow by targeting a corporate beauty pageant that, ISIS are ‘targeting the very best of our culture in the west.’ So the story goes.

Are the public dumb enough to believe that ISIS would telegraph such an operation by posting a social media video explaining their plan?

Will this social media flare be used to ramp-up security and the spiraling costs of contracts associated therewith?

Can anyone (including the state and private commercial entities) manipulate the ‘security’ narrative simply posting an item online?

The answer to all three of those questions is… yes.

For any further insights into who is really behind ISIS, ask Rita Katz from SITE Intelligence

1-ISIS-Miss-Universe-Philippines copy

The Philippines military said on Friday it was taking seriously what it believed was a call by Islamic State (IS) militants for an attack on the Miss Universe contest being held in the country next year.

The military said a recent bomb-making video posted on social media, apparently by Islamic State militants in the Middle East, carried a message in Arabic script reading: “Create Bomb for Miss Universe”.

The pageant is due to be held in the capital, Manila, in January.

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