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Martian Mission: Can we grow food on Mars?

21st Century Wire says…

Our new frontier?

In the following video from Mars One, the private project hoping to colonise the Red Planet, Wieger Wamelink, a senior ecologist at Wageningen University & Research, talks about growing food on Mars.

The scientists reveals that it is actually much easier to achieve than growing food on the Moon, and that bumblebees may be required in a human colony to ensure the proper development of food crops.

He suggests that the first crops on Mars will be used to add organic matter into the Martian soil, which boosted the development of second generation crops in experiments.

The next step of the experiment is to test the produce for the presence of heavy metals, which are extremely toxic to humans.

Watch this short presentation on the mission’s troubleshooting:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue