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FAIL? Turkey Misses Deadline to Achieve Visa-Free EU Travel

21st Century Wire says…

Good news considering what has been infesting Turkey as of late.

Turkey has failed to meet all of its obligations for visa-free EU travel by the designated deadline.

Seeing how high-profile interests in Turkey have been intimately involved with supporting ISIS for quite some time now, perhaps we need to examine why they would ever be offered such a deal.

The nation appears to be a target for Western elites as a new frontier and base of operations for their imperial takeover of the Middle East, and the visa deal may have been a way to sweeten the idea to the Turks, with the aim of ultimately bring their territory into the EU fold.

See a report on this story from RT here:

Now that they have missed the deadline, will plans to turn the nation into a NATO base come to a halt or will Turkey be given additional time?

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