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British MP Shot and Stabbed, Suspect In Custody

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A shocking attack in broad daylight in front of many witnesses.

MP Jo Cox of the British Labour Party (pictured below) was been shot and stabbed at an advice meeting in West Yorkshire, England. She was pronounced dead by medical officials late this afternoon.

The incident happened outside of the Library following the MP’s constituent meeting in the town of Birstall, near the city of Leeds.

Cox has been taken into hospital but the condition of the 41 year old Labour MP for Batley and Spen is not known at this time.

RT reports that, she has been head of policy for Oxfam, national chair of the Labour Women’s Network, a senior advisor to the Freedom Fund, an anti-slavery charity, and is currently Chair of the Friends of Syria All-Party Parliamentary Group.

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A 52-year-old man named Tommy Mair (above) has been arrested and held by police as further investigation into the incident continues.

Initially, there were two main conflicting stories regarding Cox’s attack:

The first story to circulate in the national media was the report that the suspect shouted “Britain first”, apparently in reference to the far-right political party, before both stabbing and shooting Cox.

The second version that was reported described how two men were involved in an altercation outside of the venue and Cox was injured while trying to intervene followed by repeated attacks by the assailant.

Other media outlets are even reporting of a third alleged motive, relating this event to Mrs Cox’s refusal to vote against airstrikes in Syria last fall.

It could be possible that they had a very specific grievance with this MP, as nobody else at the advice meeting was attacked. However, with the current intense political climate in the West, some may speculate that this may be part of a larger plot.

Either way, this is sure to change ‘security arrangements’ for Britain’s elected officials, and media watchers can certainly expect a national debate and discussion about “restricted public access” to certain government officials.

More interestingly, with only a week before the historic EU ‘BREXIT’ referendum, a political twist has also suddenly emerged from this tragedy, as reported by the Independent:

“The rival EU referendum campaigns have suspended campaigning out of respect for Labour MP Jo Cox, who died after being shot and stabbed in her constituency.” 

“Speaking before her death was announced, Britain Stronger In Europe confirmed that all campaigning would be stopped, while Vote Leave said they had suspended campaigning activity including on their battle bus.”

“David Cameron said it was right that all campaigning had stopped after the “terrible attack” and confirmed he would not be going ahead with a planned campaign trip to Gibraltar.

Mrs Cox had been campaigning for ‘Remain’ in the EU referendum campaign.

Her funeral is likely to take place on the day of, or the day after next week’s EU vote, and will be the focus of the British media coverage at that time – prompting a dramatic alteration of the national political conversation.

What do you think is the cause of this incident?

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