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Spetznaz Undercover Among ISIS, Directing Russian Airstrikes Within 3 Meters of Targets

21st Century Wire says…

If you’ve ever wondered why exactly the Russian campaign against ISIS has been so unbelievably successful – this is why.

Watch a video of this report here:

It has emerged that Chechen teams of Russian Spetznaz, special forces units have infiltrated into the ranks of ISIS throughout both Iraq and Syria.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov broke the incredible news on Russian TV:

“Unfortunately, we do have losses, but we know the cost of this sacrifice.”

“They want to secure peace on the territory of the Chechen Republic and Russia in general,”

Even before the term ISIS hit the international lexicon, Kadyrov knew of the Western operated training camps for ‘moderate rebels’, better known as jihadist terrorists, and planted Chechen Spetznaz soldiers into them:

“They weren’t known in Russia yet,”

“Actually, I didn’t know they would call them ISIS either but I knew they trained such groups, because I intentionally sent my people there to check whether it was true or not.”

“So, our soldiers went through training at NATO bases and founded the Syrian State [ISIS],”

“They wear clothes common for ISIS and look like them.”

The mission led to a widespread network of Chechen agents being established throughout the terrorist group, collecting vital information on jihadist whereabouts, numbers and structure.

The most incredible results, however, were achieved when the embedded agents began coordinating their information with Russia’s air campaign:

“There were instances where our aviation attacked so accurately, that when they hit the target within a 3-5 meter distance, our people would call and say that they shoot so accurately it’s really great to watch!

Kadyrov apparently speaks so openly of the operation because he is confident that the Chechen men are so deeply embedded that they will never be caught.

In fact, openly revealing the operation now may even be seen as a tactical move, as it will sow more seeds of chaos and confusion into the already collapsing terror group.

Last month brought numerous reports of victories for the Russian war on terror in Syria, and now we have a clearer understanding as to why their intervention has been so successful.

Watch the coverage from Russian TV, with subtitles, here:




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