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ISIS QUITS? Facing Defeat in Syria, Terrorists Shift Focus to Libya

21st Century Wire says…

How long until Russia shifts its attention to African territory?

Watch a video of this report here:

ISIS is shifting its focus away from Syria and Iraq after facing total defeat.

Colonel Steve Warren of the US-led coalition said the terror group’s leadership has shifted its base of operations from Syria and Iraq, into Libya after facing immense bombardment:

“We believe this failure is due to several factors, the first and foremost I believe is the presence of devastating coalition air power.”

The Whitehouse added that ISIS is also now seeking to send jihadist recruits into Libya instead of Syria and Iraq.

The US, obviously, did not report on the effects that Russia’s air campaign has had on the fight against ISIS, but it has been unquestionably positive.

These past few weeks have brought reports of jihadists not only fleeing from their positions thanks to Russia’s air campaign, but in some cases initiating mass evacuations of their fighters and families.

Russian strikes recently allowed for the last defensive position on the road to ISIS’s HQ in Raqqa to fall, and Putin has vowed to continue to hammer the terrorists throughout the coming ceasefire.

No wonder ISIS is calling it quits in the Middle East.

After the West’s air campaign in Libya essentially completely destroyed the entire state apparatus, it may be far harder for Russia to initiate a ‘legal’ air campaign as it has done in Syria, meaning it could be down the West, who are seemingly willing to stick their oar in anywhere, to solve this new problem.

The question then becomes, can the West be trusted to fight terror after years of supporting it?




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