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Russia Says Turkey’s Attack on Su-24 Looks Like PREPLANNED PROVOCATION

21st Century Wire says:

Russian officials are now exposing the world of nefarious geopolitical games for everyone to see.

Watch a video of this report here:

After Russian special forces and Syrian soldiers rescued the surviving pilot from yesterday’s international incident, he revealed that absolutely no warning was given to them and the attack ‘came out of nowhere’.

Now, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is stepping up his attack on the Turkish regime’s actions:

We have serious doubts that this act was unintentional. It looks very much like a preplanned provocation,

Lavrov said many in Russia see the attack as an “obvious ambush“.

He also spoke of the area that the attack took place in, saying it is home to hundreds of foreign terrorists, along with their weapons depots and command centers:

I asked Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu whether Turkey’s close attention to this region, including the calls to create a buffer zone there, was motivated by a desire to protect this infrastructure from destruction. I didn’t receive any reply to this question,

The evidence of mounting that Turkey is not only a rogue state that acts recklessly, but one that openly supports terrorism.

Lavrov also spoke with disappointment about the response from NATO:

Very strange statements were voiced after a NATO meeting called by the Turks, which didn’t express any regret or condolences and in effect were aimed at covering up what the Turkish Air Force did yesterday,

Instead of supporting the Turks, it could be more prudent for NATO to expel the terroristic nation from its organisation to maintain any credibility at all.

If would-be Sultan Erdogan wants a war, let him fight his own battles – farewell and good luck (you’re gonna need it).

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