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NATO’s Nightmare: Russia Uses Mediterranean to Fire Cruise Missiles Into Syria

21st Century Wire says…

A strong Russian presence in the Mediterranean is NATO’s worst nightmare.

Watch a video of this report here:

Russia has launched a barrage of cruise missiles into ISIS stronghold Raqqa from ships in the Mediterranean Sea. After the battering the terrorists have already taken, we wonder how much longer they can survive this onslaught.

This is not the first time Putin has unleashed Russian cruise missiles. In October, ships in the Caspian Sea fired missiles across Iran to their targets.

Bombs away. (Photo Credit: RT)

NATO has been incredibly critical of Russia’s intervention in Syria, and has even been technologically blocked from interfering by Russian air defence systems.

Many believe that Western meddling in Syria has been at least partly tied to the fact that the nation is home to Russia’s only military sea port in the Mediterranean.

Most aptly demonstrated by the recent mess in Ukraine, NATO has been trying to contain Russia inside its own borders for decades.

This strong display of Russian military force from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which is essentially NATO’s backyard, surely has NATO commanders angered.

How might NATO respond here? Will it go further than simply saying this was a ‘reckless’ act?

Watch one of the cruise missiles fly-by here:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue