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Despite CNN Propaganda, Post-Debate Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Crushing Hillary, 75% to 18%

21st Century Wire says…

Last night’s coverage and panel analysis of last night’s Democratic Debate on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) was proven correct once again.

Despite the Democratic Debate host CNN and other mainstream media outlets claiming the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had ‘won the debate’, the polls numbers told another story – of an absolute rout by Vermont’s US Senator Bernie Sanders over the embattled former Secretary of State.

The CNN Facebook post-debate poll Tuesday evening at one point showed 80% of voters choosing Bernie Sanders as the winner, with the final figure settling in around 75%. Hillary Clinton came in with a poorly 18%. Embarrassed by its own futile attempt to inflate Clinton’s poor showing last night in Las Vegas, CNN only flashed its Facebook poll result up on screen once, and only for 3-4 seconds, before flushing it down the memory hole.

Other major polls reflected this same result. At the end of the debate last night, Time Magazine showed 64% favored Sanders, and the leftist outlet MSNBC showed Sanders blowing out Clinton, taking 84% of the winning endorsements, while liberal outlet The Slate gave Sanders 75% of winning votes. Hillary registered only slightly higher than unknown Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.

INFLATED: The media are trying to prop-up Hillary’s falling popularity, but according to the polls, Bernie had the last laugh.

Clinton poor polling numbers are validated by a nonpartisan poll conducted by Reuters in the week prior to this debate, which shows Clinton on a downward slope. From October 4 to October 9, Clinton’s support dropped ten whole points – from 51 to 41%.

CNN: Manufacturing ‘Consensus Reality’

Even after its own polls showed Sanders crushing Clinton, CNN still sticks to its PR directive from the DNC, running with the inflated headline, “Hillary Clinton’s big night on the debate stage.”

CNN were not alone in the effort to pump-up a phantom victory for Hillary Clinton…

The Huffington Post’s morning email blast read, “Hillary Clinton Dominates at First Democratic Debate”. An incredible headline, considering what really happened.

In addition, the Guardian also got it wrong, leading this morning with skewed headline, “Hillary Clinton rises above controversy – and a Sanders revolution.Hardly.

Again, another example of the establishment media propping-up the Clinton regime – just as the very same media cartel has been working overtime to sabotage GOP outsider Donald Trump’s presidential run by instead propping-up failing GOP runners like Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorini and Marco Rubio.

Back in 2008, and in 2012, the establishment media, in collusion with the RNC, intentionally omitted polling and voting results, before eventually sidelining popular GOP candidate Ron Paul, whose campaign eventually ended by supporters and delegates being physically locked-out of caucus meetings and party conventions, again, showing the depths of corruption that is systemic in the American two party system.

Readers should know by now after watching how the establishment media goes out its way to distort reality and public opinion – in effect, using their weight to fully interfere with and distort the ‘democratic’ process in the West – that the West has a very long way to go before it can claim that it’s above Third World countries when it comes to lessons modernity and eliminating corruption in its own oligarchical ranks.

CNN: The Election Fixer

To anyone who has been paying attention over the last 12 months, it should come as no surprise that CNN is actively trying to twist reality in the 2016 US Presidential Election, as its been campaigning for Hillary 2016 right in the face of its audience..

In a shameless exhibition of media electioneering and poor journalism, CNN has been regularly hosting one its shows, ‘Erin Burnett: Out Front’, from the event headquarters of the Clinton Global Initiative foundation (pictured above). It’s hard not to notice that CNN is deliberately co-branding these TV shows with the Clintons. This should show even the most ardent skeptic just how in bed the network is with the Clinton campaign. 

Here, viewers can see CNN’s Erin Burnett engaging in gushing sycophantic ‘interview’ sessions with Hillary’s husband and former president Bill Clinton – all part of a wider effort to try and rehabilitate sex scandal-ridden Bill’s poor public image and lack of trust worthiness.

Among other high-flying political money laundering activities, the Clinton Global Initiative has also been caught accepting “donations for access.” It was revealed earlier this year how Clinton Foundation donors like Saudi Arabia received weapons deals – while Hillary Clinton was head of the US State Department.

Considering Saudi Arabia’s horrific human rights and women’s rights (non-existent) record, it’s a wonder how so many American Democratic Party women are willing to turn a blind eye to the Clinton’s under the table dealings with a regime that sits at the very bottom of global morality league table. Based on its obvious alignment with the dubious foundation, to call CNN a partner in that corrupt enterprise would be 100% accurate, and to call Clinton a hypocrite on this issue would be a gross understatement.

How long will the media try to inflate the Clinton brand? If they succeed, how much money will have been spent to engineer her into power?

Why can’t election regulators step-in to resolve conflicts of interest, like we see between CNN and the Clinton campaign?

If Big Media is allowed to continue operating like CNN is, then Democracy in America is in big trouble.

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