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Iraqi ‘Conspiracy Theorists’: America Supporting ISIS

1-Stuart J HooperStuart J. Hooper
21st Century Wire

The widespread availability of alternative news and information is having effects far further afield than the U.S. military would like it to have.

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Top U.S. General Kurt Crytzer has warned that many soldiers in the Iraqi Army believe Washington is supporting ISIS. He stated that ‘our adversaries are constantly one step ahead of us in the information operations realm’, and demands Washington ‘find solutions that allow us to more effectively contest for the ideological battle space’.

The central complaint amongst Iraqi troops is the belief that, at the very least, Washington has been ‘resupplying’ ISIS. The ‘conspiracy theorists’, Foreign Policy contends, believe ‘Washington is searching for an excuse that would allow the United States to move back into Iraq, perhaps permanently’.

Who is buying the bullets? (Photo)

Crytzer added that ‘it’s not just the poor and uneducated that believe it’.

For example, Crytzer mentioned that the commander of Iran‘s top intelligence operations, the Quds Force, ‘truly believes’ the U.S. is resupplying ISIS.

Crytzer’s primary concern is that this ‘sets the conditions for a lot of bad things to happen’, particularly reprisal attacks against Americans in the region.

Interestingly, Foriegn Policy notes that Crytzer would notelaborate on why he thinks a senior military official with an extensive and sophisticated background in intelligence would believe the theory’.

Maybe because, at least in some respects, it is true?

Those who feel the worst of it all. (Photo: U.S. Army)

Numerous reports have surfaced documenting military supply drops, supposedly for Syria’s ‘moderate rebels’, ending up in the hands of ISIS.

Meanwhile, Israelis have been recorded by the United Nations ‘interacting’ with ISIS rebels inside Syria.

These revelations led to the President of Sudan publicly stating that the CIA and Mossad ‘stand behind’ ISIS. Many terror ‘experts’ have also publicly stated that they believe some of the videos, supposedly released by ISIS depicting executions, are fake.

U.S. backed? (Photo)

This evidence suggests these Iraqis are not ‘conspiracy theorists’ at all, but, instead, are whistleblowers.

With the military industrial complex openly searching for a Presidential candidate supportive of a ‘strong foreign policy’, it might not be long until the covert support ends and the open for-profit war begins.

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Top U.S. General: Many Iraqis Believe Washington Aiding Islamic State

Foreign Policy

The general in charge of U.S. special operations forces in Iraq for the past six months says Washington’s information campaign in the Middle East is so inadequate that many Iraqi troops believe American forces are secretly supplying the Islamic State — potentially leaving U.S. forces vulnerable to reprisal attacks from their nominal allies in the fight against the militants.

“Our adversaries are constantly one step ahead of us in the IO realm,” said Army Brig. Gen. Kurt Crytzer, using the acronym for information operations. Crytzer is the deputy commander of Central Command’s special operations command, and recently returned from a stint commanding most of the Pentagon’s most elite troops operating in Iraq.

He was speaking Tuesday in Tampa, Fla., at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, which brings together U.S. special operations leaders and industry representatives…

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