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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Someone Is Hiding Something’ – The Unsolved Case of MH370

21st Century Wire says…

The case of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is still very much open, and we are proud to mention that this latest  best-selling book also features some exclusive investigative analysis by 21st Century Wire.
In a new book written by New York Times bestselling authors Richard Belzer, George Noory and David Wayne entitled, Someone Is Hiding Something: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?“, we are presented with a thought provoking look into the apparent ‘disappearance’ of a passenger airliner in the spring of 2014. There are numerous theories regarding the unprecedented loss of MH370 and many are explored in this book, including some very controversial ones.

One such theory outlines the use of independent embedded software and hardware that can remotely control or capture a commercial airliner anytime throughout its journey. That technology is known as the Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System and during the course of 21WIRE’s investigation into MH370, as well as other recent airline disasters, we were able to confirm the existence of the rarely discussed breakthrough in avionics.

MH370’s whereabouts are still shrouded in mystery over a year later, and Someone Is Hiding Somethingnot only poses some critical questions regarding the missing Boeing 777, but it also contains a bevy of facts and technological disclosures that ultimately lead readers to a stunning conclusion – that the public are being misled.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue