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Canadian Intelligence Agent Caught in ‘ISIS Bride’ Recruitment Ring

21st Century Wire says…

More evidence of collusion and cooperation between western intelligence agencies and the so-called “Islamic State”.

Here we have a Canadian Intelligence asset, who is Syrian and directly connected to the Canadian Embassy in Jordan, who is also grooming and recruiting British school girls to come to Syria as props in the ultimate sensational British tabloid feature story: “ISIS brides” (see full report below).

CCTV: British school girls groomed by Canadian Intelligence asset, and brought to Syria via Turkey.

Canada is a central hub for NATO intelligence, and considering the obvious links between Turkey and ISIS in Syria, this latest news reveals a lot in terms of how western intelligence organizations are able to manufacture various ‘shock-horror’ mainstream media blockbuster headline news stories like “3 western girls recruited by ISIS”, and so on.

The other problem Canada has is that it’s hamstrung regarding any criticism against the increasingly authoritarian regime in Turkey. Note these three realities outlined in the Ottawa Citizen article below:

1. Relations between Turkey and Canada were rocky after the Conservative government formally recognized the killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during the First World War as a genocide, but they have become more cordial in recent years.

2. In particular, Canada has remained largely silent while other Western countries are criticizing Turkey for not doing more to stop the flow of foreign fighters into Syria, many of whom have joined Islamic State (ISIL).

3. It has also refrained from speaking out too loudly on what some have seen as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian bent and attempt to turn Turkey away from secularism.

Also telling below, is the involvement of British Intelligence in this clandestine ring – demonstrating once again, that the creation and fostering of the “ISIS crisis” in the west is a multi-agency effort.

One wonders, even in the face of a story like this, how western mainstream media outlets can continue black-ball these kind of events that are clearly in the interest of the western public…

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Ian MacLeod
Ottawa Citizen

Canada’s embassy in Jordan, which is run by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s handpicked ambassador and former top bodyguard, is being linked in news reports to an unfolding international terrorism and spy scandal.

The federal government refused to comment Friday on multiple Turkish media reports that a foreign spy allegedly working for Canadian intelligence – and arrested in Turkey for helping three young British girls travel to Syria to join Islamic State militants – was working for the Canadian embassy in Amman, Jordan.

Reports also say the suspect has confessed to working for Canadian intelligence and was doing so in order to obtain Canadian citizenship. The man previously travelled to Canada with the embassy’s approval, said one report.

Canada’s ambassador to Jordan is Bruno Saccomani, the former RCMP officer who was in charge of Harper’s security detail until the prime minister appointed him almost two years ago as the envoy to Amman, with dual responsibility for Iraq.

The suspect in custody is a Syrian intelligence operative named Mohammed Mehmet Rashid – dubbed Doctor Mehmet Rashid – who helped the three London schoolgirls travel to Syria upon their arrival in Turkey, according to Yeni Safak, a conservative and Islamist Turkish newspaper known for its strong support of the government.

Other Turkish news outlets identified the man with slightly different spellings: Mohammed al Rashid or Mohammad Al Rashed.

Police arrested Rashid more than a week ago in a province near Turkey’s border with Syria, multiple news agencies reported.

The suspect claimed he worked for the intelligence service in order to get Canadian citizenship for himself, said various news reports. The Turkish intelligence service confiscated his mobile phone and computer, which were provided by the Canadian government, according to reports.

Computer records revealed Rashid entered Turkey 33 times with his Syrian passport since June 2013, and agents discovered passport images of 17 more people, aside from the ones belonging to the three British girls, Yeni Safak reported.

The Citizen has not been able to independently confirm the Turkish news reports.

The Syrian agent reportedly received deposits of between $800 and $1,500 through bank accounts opened in the United Kingdom.

A federal government source in Canada said the individual arrested is not a Canadian citizen and “was not an employee of CSIS,” but nobody in government has said this on the record. Nor has the government categorically ruled out reports that the alleged spy was working for or helping the Canadian government in some capacity…

Continue this story at Ottawa Citizen

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