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Putin Snookers Nuland, Delivers Russian Gas to Kiev for Winter

21st Century Wire says…

As we reported back in October, despite an elaborate year-long US and EU-backed regime change plan in the Ukraine and crippling US-led sanctions, the Ukraine went down on one knee to buy its winter gas from Russia (paid up front)…

What should be puzzling to anyone with half a brain and a cursory grip on common sense – is how technocrats in Brussels, London and Washington can say they are ‘committed to harsh economic sanctions against Russia over its interference in Ukrainian affairs’ – when the Ukraine itself, is has already resumed trade relations with Moscow?

Once again, logic fails Washington and its axis of Boll Weevils.

NEOCON COOKIES: Victoria Nuland handing out cookies in Kiev as the CIA organized the overthrow of that democratically elected government last February.

This week, that Russian gas was delivered. In light of this, one must question how the State Department’s neocon embed, Victoria Nuland (photo, above), the chief architect of the Maidan coup d’état can still be collecting a paycheck as US ‘Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs’…

A picture shows a partial view of a compressor station of Ukraine's Naftogaz national oil and gas company near the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. (AFP Photo/Sergey Bobok)

Debt-ridden Ukraine buys 1 bcm of Russian gas as winter gains force


“Naftogaz Ukraine has transferred 8 million to [Russia’s energy giant] Gazprom in prepayment for deliveries of 1 billion cubic meters of gas,”
a statement released late on Friday said.

In June, after Ukrainian energy giant had failed to pay a .3 billion gas debt accumulated over months of getting fuel from Russia, Gazprom switch to a prepayment system. Kiev was refusing to pay the price under a standing contract, saying it was too high.

The volatile situation intensified fears among EU consumers of Russian gas that Ukraine would exploit its position of transit country and start siphoning off the pipeline in the winter months.

In late October, Ukraine, Russia and the European Union reached an interim agreement to ensure Ukraine’s gas supply until March 2015. According to the deal, Kiev must pay Russia a total of .1 billion by the end of 2014 in order to cover part of its outstanding debt that Kiev acknowledges as rightful. In early November, Naftogaz transferred the first .45 billion tranche.

According to the October deal, Russia must restart the flow to Ukraine within 48 hours of receiving prepayment.

READ MORE: Russia, Ukraine agree on gas supplies until March 2015

With the start of the winter season in late October, Ukraine’s gas reserved have depleted by 17 percent falling to 13.9 billion cubic meters as of December 1, according to data from Ukrtransgaz, Naftogaz’s transport subsidiary. Ukraine’s national gas corporation is in a financial tight spot at the moment. The company’s deficit is some 52 percent larger than that of Ukraine itself, the country’s PM warned on Wednesday.

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