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Ebola Bombshell: CDC Gave ‘OK To Fly’ to Ebola Nurse With Fever

21st Century Wire says…

SACKED? CDC head Tom Frieden may not last to end of week (Photo: Politico)

Another Ebola bombshell dropped today…

CDC spokesman Tom Frieden will likely be forced to fall on his sword after it’s been revealed that his federal agency gave the ‘OK’ to the latest Ebola patient, a Dallas nurse named Amber Vinson – the same nurse who treated America’s first Ebola fatality, Thomas Duncan.

Are the CDC trying to spread Ebola across the US?

It’s not likely that Frieden will be able to withstand the political pressure which is about to come down on his office.

Media pundits and talk radio hosts are already smelling blood, so expect a resignation announcement soon…

Anna Horowitz
Huff Post

A Dallas nurse who took a commercial flight from Cleveland hours before reporting symptoms of Ebola says that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention told her it was okay to fly.

Amber Vinson helped treat Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died in Dallas of the Ebola virus earlier this month. On Wednesday, the CDC announced that she had contracted the virus as well. The CDC also revealed that she had taken a flight to Dallas on Monday, though it said that it was extremely unlikely that any other passengers were exposed.

Vinson told CBS Dallas Fort Worth that she was feeling ill before boarding her flight. She had a low grade fever, but she said that officials told her it was okay to get on the plane. Vinson told CBS that she called the CDC several times with concerns.

Ebola is only contagious when a patient is symptomatic. Vinson’s 99.5 F fever wasn’t high enough to be considered a symptom.

The CDC confirmed to FOX 4 News that they gave Vinson the green light to fly. “Vinson was not told that she could not fly,” a government spokesperson told NBC News.

Vinson’s comments contradict remarks made earlier today by CDC Director Tom Freiden, who said that she never should have gotten on the plane.

After Vinson reported symptoms of Ebola on Tuesday, she was placed in isolation. On Wednesday, she was transported to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, where she will continue to receive treatment. She is in stable condition…

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