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ISIS HYPE: False Threats, Staged Executions, While Israel ‘Expands’

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

As the black-clad terror troupe ISIS rages on, its ‘greater’ role concerning the policy planning of those in Washington, Tel Aviv and Britain is rapidly being revealed. This is the world in hyper-drive-destruction, and the propaganda machine is in full swing while approaching the 13th anniversary of 9/11. 

It can no longer be denied that the chaos caused by ISIS has not also benefited the transnational corporate interests intertwined within the US-NATO-Israeli-GCC alliance. Whether its through the recent beheading videos that appear to be staged, the social media frenzy surrounding the #ISIS hashtag revolution, or Israel’s largest land grab in 30 years, the timing of the ISIS phenomenon has to be looked at more closely.

The Sunni extremists of the Islamic State, in the eyes of the West, seem to have been assigned a rather large part in shaping the future landscape of the Middle East.

The sudden rise of ISIS militants was not by accident, just as it is was no accident that their apparent death march was timed with the pressurized resignation of former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki. No matter how you slice it, ISIS has enabled Western policy planners to pursue a more direct route to intervene and destabilize Iraq and possibly Syria.

IMAGE: ‘Terror control’ – UK Home Secretary Theresa May  (photo theguardian.com)

UK Home Secretary Theresa May, recently announced that a terror attack within the UK is ‘highly likely’ without confirming any specific or imminent threat made against the sovereign state. The Home Secretary is the Cabinet Minister in charge of state security and has been involved in some interesting tangles as of late, seemingly fowling up a major child abuse investigation within the UK by bringing in an organization that itself has had links to abuse. Additionally, she’s been embroiled in political upheaval over the subsequent ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamic school takeover plot that was reported on earlier this year.  

With the UK terror threat on high-alert, May commented on the swell of ISIS following the alleged beheading of American journalist James Foley, prior to learning about American-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff‘s apparently deceptive decapitation:

The increase in the threat level is related to developments in Syria and Iraq where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West. Some of those plots are likely to involve foreign fighters who have traveled there from the UK and Europe to take part in those conflicts.”

As the UK raised terror threat levels to severe, the US Department of Homeland Security’s Jeh Johnson stated that the agency was “unaware of any specific, credible threat to the U.S. homeland.” This seemed to echo an FBI threat assessment from 2013, that seems more preoccupied with homegrown concerns, excluding militants abroad. Here is an excerpt from the Freebeacon:

The internal FBI intelligence report concluded in its 2013 assessment published this month that the threat to U.S. internal security from extremists is limited to attacks and activities by eight types of domestic extremist movements—none motivated by radical Islam.”

Among those on the top of the FBI threat list were those with anti-government views. Ironically, neither the DHS or FBI mentioned the country’s porous border situation as a threat to national security. The government watchdog group Judicial Watch, published a report that completely contradicted other security agencies, stating that:
“High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. 
Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.”

Only time will tell which report will be accurate but one thing is for sure, if something does happen, it will be used as a pretext for future war campaigns for decades.

The engineered ‘terror’ of ISIS 

The timing and predictable reaction of the UK government regarding the seemingly botched execution videos appear to fall in line with the phony chemical weapons narrative that came out of Syria in August of 2013.

Over the past two weeks, there was a very real shift in media focus to transplant the ISIS threat in Iraq into that of war-torn Syria. The alleged brutal beheadings of both Foley and Sotloff have been used by Western media to sway public opinion, preemptively prepping the public for future western-backed war theater – and this is just the beginning of the propaganda push. 

IMAGE:  ‘Without blood’ Journalist’s James Foley and Steven Sotloff  seen before their seemingly staged executions (Photo dailynews.com)

In a news release from the UK’s Telegraph, writer Bill Gardner, remarked on the peculiar Islamic State video that allegedly featured Foley’s death:

Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State miltant group.

But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.”

Forensic experts go on to discuss the lack of blood during the apparent execution:

After enhancements, the knife can be seen to be drawn across the upper neck at least six times, with no blood evidence to the point the picture fades to black.” 

This prompted an expert who was commissioned to examine the video under anonymity to state, I think it has been staged,” suggesting that several things don’t make sense, such as the sound expected to be heard coming from Foley during the supposedly savage attack in addition to his lack of emotion.

Moreover, there were other elements of the video that didn’t quite add up, and details not discussed in the Telegraph article.

The most obvious discrepancy in the video – is that it appeared to be shot in front of a green screen. Foley in particular looked superimposed in the foreground rather than naturally integrated within the picture plane.

Other reports have questioned the authenticity of Foley’s death scene, claiming that it looked as though a CPR doll was inserted in his place when examining a frame by frame of the video. Many have also acknowledged that the knife used in the execution scene was suspect as well.

Here’s a YouTube video suggesting that Foley’s brother and sister seen in an interview with Katie Couric, were displaying micro-expressions referred to as ‘duping delight’ after learning of their brother’s apparent death. Witness the misplaced emotion for yourself…


There were other anomalies in the video allegedly featuring Sotloff’s decapitation, as noted in a recent special report by 21wire:

Sotloff’s video is shot with at least two cameras, with camera one supplying a close-up of Steven, and camera two providing a pull-back shot at a 45º angle towards Sotloff’s lefthand side. Camera two gives us some idea of camera one’s position – at least 10 feet in front of Sotloff (see video below).  

Both the Foley and the Sotloff videos suggest that the alleged victims’ monologues were memorized, or even delivered ad lib. Both are possibilities. Sotloff’s opening 10 minute diatribe is clearly reciting from a script, however camera two’s position would suggest that there  were no cue cards or a teleprompter close enough to read. Weather conditions show heavy winds, so no flip pads or cue cards.”

While there is much to question in the videos of Foley and Sotloff, the lack of proof, the contradictory physical evidence, one thing is sure, we’ve been purposely steered away from looking for the forensic truth. The government engineered media spin on both seemingly staged videos, is eerily similar to that of anyone questioning the official narrative of 9/11.

The idea that Scotland Yard has made it a criminal offense to merely analyze the videos for their authenticity, is not indicative of a free society.

Another key aspect of the questionable videos, is the company that often seems to be procuring terror footage for its prime-time reveal across the globe. The company known as SITE is an offshoot of Pentagon linked Intel Center and has a suspicious connection between government agencies and terrorist organizations, as pointed out here at 21WIRE:

“Part of the ISIS PR magic is because the Islamic terror outfit seems to have a media super pipeline in SITE. In the past, SITE has managed to gain exclusivity to all high-profile al Qaeda, al Shabaab, Boko Haram, and other popular terrorists brands. Now they are trafficking in ‘ISIS’ videos.” 

“Both SITE and Intel Center have been repeatedly accused of distributing completely fake al Qaeda videos at what can only be described as politically convenient times, in order to manipulate public opinion, particularly American opinion.”

You can see how both Foley and Sotloff might have become a part of this theatrical web given their affiliation to media organizations and other agencies. Foley is said to have worked for CIA front organization USAID, while Sotloff separately, published on location stories about arms and rebel fighters being shipped from Libya to Syria in 2012.

Did both men have a deeper link to the intelligence community?

 IMAGE: ‘Stage-managed terror’ – Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary aka ‘L Jinny’ aka ‘Abu Kalashnikov’ aka ‘Jihadi John’ aka ‘John the Beatle’ is the suspected executioner seen with Foley and Sotloff (Photo dnd.com)

Cracked actor ‘Jihadi John’ 

The Daily Mail reported that London rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary,  is suspected in the apparent executions of Foley and Sotloff without any forensic proof. According to reports, he was quickly identified by MI5 and MI6 as the main suspect in both highly theatrical events. The former rapper is said to have left his affluent West London family home, relocating to join militants within proxy ravaged Syria.

Bary’s father, is stated to have been an Islamic extremist named Adel Abdul Bary, and was known as one of Osama Bin Laden’s closest lieutenants, according to US authorities. Of course, it is widely known that Bin Laden, a Saudi ‘businessman’ who recruited the mujahedeen fighters that became al-Qaeda, was an intelligence linked asset for the CIA. Following the end of his United States-backed mission in Afghanistan, Bin Laden, set up operations in Sudan where he apparently owned 35 companies, helping to construct much of the infrastructure around the capital, Khartoum.

IMAGE: ‘Living in luxury’ – Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary’s family home in well-to-do Maida Vale in West London (Photo standard.co.uk)

In a report here at 21WIRE two weeks ago, we learned that ISIS recruiter’s had been busy handing out stylized propaganda leaflets in order to encourage those living in London to relocate to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State. 

It has been reported that Bary was indoctrinated by the contemptible preacher Anjem Choudary. There are accounts alleging that Choudary enabled Bary to join ISIS militants within Syria. It has been well documented that Choudary and Omar Bakri the founders of Al-Muhajiroun, a terror labeled organization, are linked to British intelligence. Former US Army Intelligence Officer and Justice Department prosecutor, John Loftus, stated that, Al-Muhajiroun did in fact have ties to British intelligence, as was reported by the Guardian back in 2005:

The former US federal prosecutor John Loftus reported that British intelligence had used the al-Muhajiroun group in London to recruit Islamist militants with British passports for the war against the Serbs in Kosovo.”

It was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, that Bary’s father was an Egyptian-born militant that was involved in the well-known 1998 bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. It was later revealed, that the double embassy attacks were a product of manufactured terror

Over the years, given Bary’s family pedigree, It would stand to reason that British agents would have kept a close eye on him:

Bary is the son of an Egyptian-born militant who is awaiting trial on terrorism charges in Manhattan, due to his alleged involvement in the bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.”

It has been stated that the apparent Al Qaeda mastermind behind the twin bombings in 98′ was possibly a double agent known as Ali A Mohamed, also known as Ali “the American,” as reported in a Global Research article from 2012 entitled, “Kenyan False Flag Bomb Plot Aimed At Tightening Sanctions Noose on Iran:

It then transpired that the alleged Al Qaeda bomber had an impeccable US military service record, having trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and later working as an instructor in explosives at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School until 1989.”

The article goes on to discuss how black sites are favored by the US, Britain and Israel, as they render young men suspected of jihadist activities, later transferring these same men into proxy hot zones throughout the world. Some think that these renditions are used to place operatives back in the field under intelligence control.

Was Bary an operator working on behalf of British intelligence, given his affiliation with  Al-Muhajiroun, one might think so?

To provide a background on the existence of state-sponsored terror using proxy agents, here’s a YouTube clip of a BBC documentary entitled Operation Gladio. It describes how a secret army operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO was used…

Could it be that British intelligence is also connected to the operational capacity of ISIS in a manner similar to Operation Gladio now?

On August 15th, the London Evening Standard ran an article appearing to prep the public for the rap celebrity turned ISIS executioner, displaying a picture supposedly making the rounds on twitter featuring bary holding a severed head. The article entitled, “Abdel Bary: the rising rap star who rejected drugs and chose jihad instead,” went on to share critical background information about the former rapper: 

Bary, the son of a high-profile terror suspect, was a rising rapper whose tracks have been played several times on BBC radio stations. He was raised in a Maida Vale council-owned home worth £1 million. His appearance on the scene raises difficult questions for the security services.”

Bary’s father Adel, an Egyptian militant born in 1960 who had been granted refugee status after being repeatedly imprisoned and tortured in his homeland. However, Adel was then extradited from Britain to the US on terrorism charges two years ago, where he is awaiting trial in connection with the 1998 Embassy bombings in East Africa, in which 224 people died. He is accused of being a senior associate of Osama Bin Laden in the early days of al Qaeda and running the terror network’s London cell.”

Bary appears to have been fairly well-connected in the music industry, culminating with him being featured on BBC radio 1 in 2012. Given that Bary had gained a certain amount of notoriety with his music, how was it possible for him to quietly slide into joining up with other militants in Syria without drawing any attention?

Strangely, Bary has also been named as being linked to the husband of a British Rocker mom turned Jihadist, calling herself Umm Hussain al-Britani. The surreal connection of British music and terror related activities is a bizarre side note in this ongoing saga.

Below is a YouTube video depicting Bary’s rap persona L Jinny performing over the top of a popular song by internationally known British band XX. Did this man leave a comfortable life and emerging career to go to join militants in war-torn Syria? Decide for yourself…


Although the UK Foreign Office believes that hundreds of British-born citizens have made their way to Syria since the ISIS uprising made headlines, its important to remember that ISIS, ISIL and now more recently dubbed IS, began fighting in Iraq not Syria, with the Sunni tribes referred to as the Awakening Council, that were rebranded as the Sons of Iraq – later becoming members of ISIS

The US military had been paying salaries to many of the tribal fighters that had apparent ties to Al-Qaeda. We’ve been told  that “by 2013 the Sons of Iraq were virtually non-existent,” this appeared to be around the same time a revised terror narrative took hold in the press regarding the rise of ISIS militants. It was these same tribal factions that were rooted in Sons of Iraq and ISIS that threatened to ‘burn’ Iraq “after not doing well in elections” in 2009.

Former Awakening Council leader Nathum al-Jubouri who had quit back in 2010, explained the role that ‘Awakenings’ were to have in unraveling certain regions:

The Awakening doesn’t know what the future holds because it is not clear what the government intends for them,” adding, “At this point, Awakening members have two options: Stay with the government, which would be a threat to their lives, or help Al Qaeda by being a double agent, ” he then summarized the terror connection, “The Awakening is like a database for Al Qaeda that can be used to target places that had been out of reach before.”

If we look at the past few months, we should remember that on June 22nd, the UK’s Telegraph reported that some 500 British-born fighters apparently made their way to fight alongside ISIS – in addition to 15 Somali-Americans, according to intelligence reports at the time. More recently, it has been stated that over a 100 US citizens have supposedly joined up to fight with ISIS, along with the the first wave of American fighters reported. 

In a recent Newsweek piece, it was stated that, “Khalid Mahmood, the MP for Perry Barr in Birmingham, estimates that at least 1,500 young British Muslims have been recruited by extremists fighting in Iraq and Syria in the last three years.”

IMAGE: ‘The Devil in the details’ – One of the founders of Al-MuhajirounAnjem Choudary, appears to be inextricably linked to British intelligence and the  7/7 bombings in London (Photo link counterjihadreport.com)

British agents cloaked in plain sight

An account by the UK’s Independent stated in November of 2013, that British advocacy group Hope Not Hate reported that Anjem Choudary and his organization Al-Muhajiroun helped facilitate ‘hundreds’of British fighters into joining Al Qaeda in Syria.

Additionally, in May of 2013, when the subsequent Woolich attacks occurred in London, it was revealed that Michael Adebolajo, one of the apparent perpetrators of the bizarre and questionable attack, was said to have been tortured in Kenya and harassed by MI5 agents in 2010. Adebolajo is known to have joined Al-Muhajiroun back in 2003. 

In an interview  featured on BBC, Adebolajo’s friend Abu Nusaybah, claimed that Adebolajo, had been recruited by MI5, stating that, “They asked him if he would be interested in working for them,” shortly after Nusaybah’s prime-time appearance he was promptly arrested by British counter-terror agents for dropping that exclusive information bomb on air.

Earlier in the year, Bary posted under the Twitter handle “Terrorist” stating that he was captured and tortured by FSA and Islamic Front rebels then subsequently released after they supposedly took money, weapons and his vehicle. 

You have to wonder why the FSA would let Bary go, given the apparent feud between various Islamic fighters, as it is often depicted in Western media. 

Would it be a stretch to suggest that the FSA has been complicit with the terror activities of ISIS, especially when you consider their direct connection to the West and its allies, through training bases and funding?

Known terrorist groups have been operating in Syria for over three years now – mostly with the tacit approval of war planners in Washington, London and Paris. Folded into the ‘Syrian Rebel’ confab, these terrorist fighting groups have all but received the full backing of NATO Allies (arms) and Gulf states Qatar and Saudi Arabia (money). They include, but are not limited to, Saudi Intelligence-backed Jabhat al-Nusra or ‘al Nursa Front’, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,  Abdullah Azzam Brigades and Al Baraa ibn Malik Martyrdom Brigade, the jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham, the PKK (in northeast Syria), and Kata’ib Mohadzherin from the Russian Caucus region.

The geopolitical landscape of the  Middle East is given a closer look by analyst and writer Dan Glazebrook, in a recent interview with RT, Glazebrook laid out a Western agenda according to his in depth research:

“They don’t want any compromise, because what are their main strategic aims? Remember, their main strategic aim is to destroy Syria as a functioning independent state, because at the moment Syria is part of the alliance with Iran and Hezbollah. Now, Hezbollah’s independent existence, which was shown by Hezbollah’s defeat of Israel in 2006, that is the one thing protecting the Palestinians from Israel just unilaterally imposing some kind of once-and-for-all ‘peace deals’ on the Palestinians that would condemn them forever to living in little cantons in a sea of Israeli settlements – the one thing preventing Israel from doing that is the existence of Hezbollah, the arming of Hezbollah by Iran and Syria. Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah himself, said that Syria was crucial in the 2006 victory by Hezbollah against Israel.” 

“So the West is determined to keep this war going, to destabilize Syria, to make sure that they cannot any longer play the role that it has been playing in supporting the Palestinians and preventing a successful Israeli attack on the Palestinians, on Lebanon and on Iran. Once Syria falls, the hope is for the West and for the Zionists that they will then have a free hand to go and implement, to go ahead and roll out, that program of a final solution for the Palestinians, destruction of Southern Lebanon, destruction of Iran. Syria is a kind of link that so far is preventing that. They do not want a peaceful solution.”

In a recent Daily Mail piece discussing the ISIS linked pamphlet pushers, there were accounts of those passing by speaking out against ISIS literature:

As Asmaa Al-kufaishi, tweeted: ‘This group are promoting ISIS on Oxford Street. Racially abused us when we spoke out. They don’t know Islam.

‘Promoting death of innocent people, telling me to die because of my faith and race and insulting me is not Islamic behaviour.’


IMAGE: ‘British Intelligence’ –  Are these men operatives linked to the  terror group ISIS? Will there be a proper investigation as to their real identity? (Photo annirfan.blogspot.com)

IMAGE: ‘Funding a takeover’ – In a Reuters report from late August, the Islamist group known as Dawn of Libya had seized an annex of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli. The associated press was there to capture photos of the Libyan group in what looked to be a raging pool party. (Photo link wtfrly.com)

Libya paved the way for terror in Syria 

Dawn of Libya, or Libyan Dawn, is a Misrata-led group, that has refused to accept Libya’s central government and elected parliament – a scenario that resembles the pressurized regime change that occurred in Iraq.

On July 26th, the US had withdrawn all personal from the nearby Embassy in Tripoli because of an apparent escalation in violence between rival factions. Following the 2011 NATO campaign that overthrew Gaddafi, the West along with the GCC oversaw a proxy war within the region pushing Libya into its current tag as a “failed state.”

Here are a series of photos taken at the annex that was ransacked by Libyan Dawn. The photos appear to be staged in some manner, as media operations were invited into to ‘tour’ the location…

IMAGE: ‘Posh party’ – Here’s a member of Libyan Dawn perusing the art and book collection (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

IMAGE: ‘Fine dining’ – perfectly staged chairs with what could be body armor carefully placed on the table
 (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

IMAGE: ‘Cross fit’ – Libya Dawn looks to get themselves in better shape
 for upcoming war campaigns (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

An official speaking anonymously to Reuters, stated that while the residential annex had been ransacked, “there was no indication of any similar scene at the embassy itself.

Of course if we look back, Libya was setup to be brutal breeding after the fall of Gaddafi. In a report in August of 2012 by global analyst and writer, Tony Cartalucci, we see a broader scope of Western engineering that led the nation to ruin:

US-led NATO forces armed, funded, trained, and even provided air support for Libyan terrorists emanating out of Libya’s eastern Cyrenaica region – most notably Benghazi which had served as the premier international terrorist recruiting ground in the world, according to the US Army’s Combating Terrorism Center, producing a percentage per capita of militants outstripping even that of Saudi Arabia.

Operating under the banner of the “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” (LIFG), a US State DepartmentBritish Home Office, and United Nations-listed international terrorist organization, and officially merged with Al Qaeda in 2007, its commanders including Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Mahdi al-Harati led NATO’s military proxy forces on the ground as US, French, and British planes destroyed the nation from the air.

These very same commanders of this very same listed-terrorist organization would then turn its cash, weapons, and fighters on Syria, as early as November 2011, arriving on the Turkish-Syrian border to enjoy yet another NATO safe haven and logistical networks overseen by Western intelligence along with US funding and arms laundered through Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) members such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

IMAGE: ‘Operation fear’ –  Libyan Dawn, a known Al Qaeda affiliate, was seen celebrating on the wings of commercial jets after setting the Tripoli International Airport on fire. Notice that the Libyan Dawn members seen here, are without body armor and don’t seem to have a scratch on them (photo link dailymail.cok.uk)

IMAGE: ‘Tripoli on fire’ –  The international airport ablaze after the seemingly choreographed Libyan Dawn raid (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

IMAGE: ‘Burning engines’ – A Libyan airlines jet with heavy damage after the airport raid (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

In addition to the manufactured upheaval in Tripoli, there was also a suspicious account of 11 missing planes after a mid-July battle at Tripoli International Airport. 

The Libyan Dawn raid conjured nightmarish images of future hijacked planes in the eyes of many, prompting the US State Department to issue hijack warnings across North Africa – just in time for the upcoming anniversary of 9/11.

This of course was done without the confirmation of intelligence reports.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Libya had been besieged by various factions, as proxy fighters seem to be managed from the outside:

Successive governments have put militias on their payroll in return for maintaining order, but rivalries over control and resources have led to fierce fighting among them and posed a constant challenge to the central government and a hoped-for transition to democracy.”

Libya’s continued derailment is meant to cause confusion concerning the rise of ISIS and provide cover for the fact that arms had been funneled into Syria in the aftermath of NATO’s brutal campaign in 2011 from the fallen nation.

Although mainstream media has run with the ’11 missing planes’ narrative, some aviation skeptics are not so sure. In a report by NYCAviation, entitled, ‘Are There Really 11 Missing Aircraft in Libya Threatening a 9/11 Repeat?‘:

“Our investigation began by taking an inventory of aircraft that were present during the battle. We matched aircraft registration numbers (license plate numbers for aircraft) to independently verify each flying machine’s status post-battle, and looked at all of this data to piece together an overall perspective of the missing aircraft. Knowing exactly which aircraft are missing would then allow us to gauge the true threat.”

“It is important to highlight that many photos used by the media were taken during a previous battle at the airport in 2011, when several aircraft were also damaged. We compared lists from that battle with the recent clash to remove the chance of overlapping data.”

Continuing, the report goes on to clarify what occurred during the Tripoli airport attack:

Our own list totals 18 aircraft as having been present at the time of combat; 16 of them we consider confirmed as damaged in some capacity. Our confirmations derive from reliable photographic evidence of damage, or deduction based on its position in relation to other photographed airframes. Of the two that we could not confirm as damaged on our list of “present” aircraft, one was apparently injured according to two sources (Buraq Airlines Boeing 737-500 5A-WAD), while some say it is simply unknown.”

There is only one aircraft that we know as being present at the time of the battle that has no known reports of being damaged. That is a Dassault Falcon 50, registered 5A-DCM, operated by the Libyan government. Does this mean they are not damaged? Not at all, but we posses no photographic evidence or personal reports of having received damage.”

NYCAviation is listed as “an aerospace news resource and consulting organization for aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals.”

IMAGE: ‘No fly zone’ – A google earth detail provided by Aviation Safety Network, supposedly after the attack at the airport in Tripoli depicting massive plane damage (Photo link nycaviation.com)

IMAGE: ‘Burning borders’ – The Syrian village of Quneitra was seen in a hotly contested battle in which Saudi backed opposition fighters Nusra Front, apparently seized a crossing point 200 yards from Israeli territory. Israel has stated it does not want to engage in any further conflict in the area. Does this seem odd to you? (Photo link nytimes.com)

ISIS, oil & Israel’s expansion

The Washington post revealed this week, that weapons sent to the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria, ended up in the hands of ISIS according to Conflict Armament Research:

“The Islamic State has also captured “significant quantities” of U.S.-manufactured small arms and has employed them on the battlefield, researchers found.”

“The new research suggests they have also amassed arms after overrunning the moderate Syrian rebels being supplied by the United States and other allied nations.”

Incredibly, the suggested answer for Washington and its close friends, is to send more arms to the rebel confab that are apparently at odds with ISIS. The reality is, that the Islamic State fighters have come from very opposition linked groups the US has helped to arm in the first place.

Now we’ve learned that Israel claimed its largest land grab in 30 years, in an area known as Gevaot, as a part of a continued expropriation of land on occupied West Bank land, apparently since 2000. Officially, 988 acres are being designated as ‘state land’ for Israel.

In a recent Global Research article, it has been stated: 

“There are already five Palestinian communities there, and that the new settlement will contribute to Jerusalem’s encirclement, sealing it off from the West Bank and further damaging the prospects of a viable Palestinian state emerging.”

Israeli officials have stated that the summertime kidnapping deaths of three students, were the impetus for the land grab, as reported by News Middle East:

The decision by the cabinet was said by officials to be in response to the killing in June of three Israeli teenagers, who were abducted from a bus stop in the same area. Their deaths sparked a clampdown on the Hamas Islamist group behind the kidnapping and led to the 50-day war in Gaza, during which more than 2,100 Palestinians and 73 Israelis died.” 

Israeli paper Haaretz reports:

The IDF estimates that around 1,500 to 2,000 armed rebels from three different groups are now across the border from Israel. These groups are the Free Syrian Army, the Nusra Front and a coalition of forces interested in setting up an Islamist state in Syria that the defense establishment refers to as the Muslim Brotherhood rebels. All three groups are well armed, possessing antitank missiles, artillery batteries and even tanks that were either captured from the Syrian Army or brought by deserters from the army.

It appears that Israel has benefited from both the recent incursion with Hamas and the violent trek of ISIS, as we know the US-NATO-GCC alliance has backed the various coalition forces seeking to destabilize Syria.

Similarly, the death-theater going on in Iraq reveals a large role of Israel. This became evident when it was reported that  Israeli air strikes on Syria over the summer appeared to provide air cover for ISIS.

In addition to the airstrikes, Israel was simultaneously crafting an oil deal with the Kurdish government, as ISIS made their way through northern Iraq. A news release by Forbes reported the oil deal:

the tanker SCF Altai transferred a cargo of Kurdish oil from another tanker United Emblem, which had been plying the Mediterranean for two weeks after loading at the Turkish port of Ceyhan. The SCF Altai then docked at the Israeli city of Ashkelon and off-loaded its crude.

 It was the first time, an SCF Altai tanker delivered a large amount of Kurdish oil to Israel, this would link ISIS as a partial Israeli creation, if the Kurdish oil came over from terror controlled oil field’s in Iraq. An Israeli energy ministry declined to make a comment on the crude oil deal with the Kurdish Regional Government.

The Kurdish region has also made its first oil shipment to the international market bypassing the central government in Baghdad. 

In June, Baghdad filed a lawsuit to block the shipments of Kurdish oil following the reports of shipments made to Turkey and Israel.

RT recently reported that another Kurdish oil shipment had made its way to the US and as officials were to seize the $100 million dollar payload – but the real question is, what happens to the oil shipment after it’s in US custody.

To an outsider, this could have been seen as fraudulent oil deal off the books. Here is an excerpt from RT on the matter:

“According to the US Coast Guard and Reuters, the tanker, United Kalavrvta, is still 95 percent full and has not yet unloaded its cargo. The vessel was anchored Monday in the Galveston Offshore Lightering Area, close to its previously known position.

The Iraqi government has deemed this shipment of Kurdish crude oil illegal. Baghdad filed a lawsuit in the US in June, preventing any purchaser from unloading the Kurdish shipment.

When Iraq’s government initially filed the law suit, US District Judge Nancy K. Johnson ordered the seizure of the tanker’s $100 million payload, but only if the tanker entered the territorial waters of the US.

This isn’t the first time Kurdish oil tankers have switched off their electronic transponders to avoid detection – essentially making their movements impossible to track.”

Many critics of Israeli ‘expansion’ have cited the Yinon Plan of 1982, as the blueprint for a future border changes in the Middle East. It was a plan that some suggest made its way to the forefront and was set in motion by the PNAC planners, who crafted the invasion of Iraq in 2003, along with those in Israel. When looking at the evidence, it appears as though ISIS and Hamas have opened the door to Israeli border expansion – whether Israel admits it or not.

Below is a comprehensive YouTube video chronicling the rise of ISIS militants by Storm Clouds Gathering. Watch as it depicts the sudden rush of violence burning across Middle Eastern borders at the behest of Western policymakers…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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