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Connecticut Police Invoke ‘Shelter in Place’ Over Neighborhood Burglary

21st Century Wire says…

Here is proof that many of our police officers are receiving unconstitutional training…

Connecticut-based blogger and activist Ashley Jones phoned police in to Old Saybrook after it was reported that police issued a reverse 911 call and instituted a “shelter in place” decree, complete with road block checkpoints, following a local burglary. The local media proceeded to fuel additional public fear by dramatizing the story with the sensational headline, “Possible gunman on the loose”, and “Manhunt underway”.

When challenged by the caller over the constitutional merits of this move, local police officer Micheal Small claimed that, “You under the illusion that we are Nazis and telling people what to do…”. Umm, errr, well yes.

Aside from the physical ‘law enforcement’ aspect at play here, the underlying psychological operation is much more pernicious, as police departments continue to condition the public that their constitutional rights can be suspended at any time, for any reason.

Previous reports of ‘shelter in place’ – a kind of ‘local lockdown measure where residents are instructed to stay at home, have been documented in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing, and during storms, but now it seems law enforcement can drop an iron curtain on any situation they see fit.

Listen to this stunning exchange….

CONSTITUTIONAL NOTE: Jones contacts Old Saybrook Police in Connecticut to inquire about the details of their recent “shelter in place” lock down of their local community. What you will hear in response to her questions should be shocking. For those who do not find this police officers comments appalling, you are the same people who don’t mind surrendering your liberty to the TSA at the airport because you actually believe that if we are not terrorists, then we have nothing to worry about.

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