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Jerad and Amanda Miller: Were Vegas shooters informants ‘gone off the reservation’?

21st Century Wire says…

The Vegas Shooting was the top national news story two weeks ago. Behind every dramatic story, it’s not uncommon to find a very real sub-plot which, if revealed, will redefine the official narrative of events.

Similarly, this was also the case regarding another high-profile shooting in Columbine, Colorado in 1999, where survivor Mark Taylor testified how student shooters were also paedophile victims and heavily medicated at the time of shooting, and also how police SWAT shooters may have been responsible for at least some of the deaths of students at the high school. 

The same twist appears to have been in play with Vegas cop-killers Jerad and Amanda Miller. Quietly hidden at the end of a Reuters news release is the fact that Clark County Sheriff’s Department had a relationship with the Millers well before the tragic shooting, and kept a file on the newly arrived Nevada residents having met with Jerad on no less than three separate occasions:

According to police, the Millers had cooperated with Nevada law enforcement twice this year to provide witness testimony, but detectives did not receive any indication that the couple had anti-police sentiments.”

Considering the Sheriff Department’s extreme focus on the Bundy Ranch crisis, one might ask if the Millers attended the Bundy Ranch protest as police informants, or worse – as provocateurs. This becomes a strong possibility when one considers how the Millers were kicked off Bundy Ranch for their overly aggressive statements and provocative behaviour.

As a convicted multiple felon, Jerad Miller would not have been allowed to hold a legally registered firearm, and his presence on Bundy Ranch where he somehow acquired a full military costume, and his well-coached, staged-managed TV piece posing with an AR15 for Al Jazeera America (video below where Al Jazeera promoted him as a ‘militia member’ even though he was not) could have provided an easy pretext for a Ruby Ridge-style FBI and ATF raid at the protest site.

Authorities and Washington-directed media outlets were incredibly quick to paint the Vegas Shooting as a ‘lone wolf’, anti-government spontaneous event, with the Sheriff’s Dept. even employing misdirection from the onset by painting the false picture that the Millers had a ‘suicide pact’ culminating in a (twisted) romantic murder suicide – concealing the fact that SWAT marksmen had killed at least one of the 3 found dead in Wallmart. However, if the Millers were emotionally unstable (as is clearly the case) and were being pressured by authorities in their role as police or federal informants in narcotics or at Bundy Ranch, then this might explain their targeted revenge killings against the LVPD.

Las Vegas PD and Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie may have more questions to answer regarding his office’s files on the Millers.

Too many coincidences here – which now exposes a less-than-perfect storyline from Sheriff Douglas Gillespie the Clark County Sheriff’s Department and many more questions for the FBI as to whether or not the highly compromised Millers were involved in any informant activities…

William Norman Grigg
Lew Rockwell

Vegas Shooters: Jerad and Amanda Miller.

Jerad and Amanda Miller, who were banished from Bunkerville by supporters of Cliven Bundy, had worked as informants for Nevada law enforcement agencies. After the Millers murdered three people — Las Vegas Metro Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and Joseph Wilcox, an armed citizen who heroically tried to stop their rampage — their former handlers claimed that they were unaware of the couple’s “anti-police sentiments.”

That claim is difficult to credit, given that Jerad Miller had a lengthy criminal record, and the fact that the couple had made itself very prominent in protests associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jerad Miller, who was mired in the probation system because of narcotics convictions, was precisely the kind of person whose vulnerabilities make him valuable as an informant and provocateur.

The Millers were among many hundreds of people who traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada to support rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the BLM. They may well have been the only volunteers who were asked to leave because of concerns regarding what was described as their “aggressive nature and volatility.” During their brief visit, however, Jerad was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate, which meant that he was depicted as representative of the people who had rallied to the Bundy family’s cause.

Predictably, following the couple’s subsequent killing spree critics of Cliven Bundy claimed that the rancher, his supporters, and the entire “insurrectionist right” shared collective responsibility for that crime.

Honest people who aren’t imprisoned in collectivist ideology would recognize that rather than being radicalized by so-called anti-government extremists, Jerad Miller is more properly seen as a living example of “blowback” in the government’s war on drugs.

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