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BLM Shame: Shocking Scenes of Animal Abuse Left Behind at Bundy Ranch in Nevada

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(WARNING: Article contains graphic images of severe animal abuse and mutilation)

21st Century Wire

After being forced to vacate public lands by ranchers, militia and many peaceful protesters, it seems that Uncle Sam left a most disturbing calling card of all at the Bundy Ranch. This week farmers and public officials have unearthed more fresh evidence proving the existence of US taxpayer-funded mass animal graves – left behind at the Bureau of Land Management’s field operations compound.

So far, it is believed a least a dozen previously healthy animals have been found either shot in the head, discarded and buried, in what can only be described as a merciless, industrial-scale kidnapping and murdering of cattle by the US federal government.

As yet, it is unknown just how many of the Bundy family’s prize herd were shot or killed by running cows to death in the desert heat using gov’t helicopters, as more dead animals are being discovered each day – some on the open plain, and others buried in the Gold Butte area. Reports also confirm that many baby calves were also left for dead after being separated from their mothers during the aggressive US government round-up.

Nearly two weeks ago, 21WIRE was the first media outlet to raise the question of the BLM killing cattle on the Bundy Ranch.

Ranchers first became suspicious of that the BLM may have been killing cattle last week on April 9th, when members of the Bundy family spotted heavy equipment – ‘back hoe’ diggers and dump trucks, moving in and out of the BLM’s secret federal compound. When the residents and supporters confronted BLM federal agents with questions regarding their operation they were met with a wall of denial, followed by an aggressive attack where men and women were beaten and repeatedly tasered by BLM agents. In hindsight, it is now clear that those protesters were correct and that federal agents were evading discovery of their crimes. The incident involving protesters and federal agents was caught on video by Guerilla Media Network (GMN), which helped to elevate the issue to a national platform, as well as making it one of the fastest viral YouTube videos ever – accumulating over 1 million views in only 4 days. Watch GMN’s video here:

Included in the haphazard federal cull were two prize bulls killed by federal ‘contract cowboys’ (see image below).

The US federal government’s original ‘plan’ was to pay a Utah contracted ‘wrangler’ an estimated $966,000 to rustle the Bundy’s free grazing herd and then ship them across state lines to Utah, where they would be sold at auction. This plan was sidelined after Utah Gov. Gary Herbert refused to allow the contraband cattle into his state, citing public health and other concerns.

Last week GMN revealed a recording of the BLM’s Special Agent in Charge, Daniel P. Love, who insisted on more than one occasion that the BLM ‘did not killed any cattle’.

In response, Nevada state Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore rebuked Love’s claim, saying, “He’s a flat out liar, period.”

Fiore also told Breitbart News, “I have literally gotten e-mails from ranchers across Nevada telling me that the BLM does the same practices when they are herding horses. The foals are getting killed. Horses are getting killed. It’s really horrible and cruel. I don’t know any other term than cruel”.

WARNING: Photos below contain graphic images and may disturbing some readers.

DACHAU IN THE DESERT: Following the BLM’s exit from the ranch, farmer began to unearth some disturbing evidence (Photo via TPNN.com)

HORRIFIC: Federal butchers did not even bother to cover their tracks (Photo via Granitegrok.com)

BLM LIED: Horrific scenes of Bundy cows killed by the BLM (Photos via Michele Fiore @VoteFiore)

CARELESS: Federal agencies ran roughshod over the Bundy Ranch (Photo via Granitegrok.com)

LEFT FOR DEAD: Federal contractors shot animals who they could not herd (Photo via TPNN.com)

Bltvx0OCUAAzOT_.jpg large
PRIZE BULL: Another beautiful animal killed and dumped in a pit by the US federal government (Photo Source: Twitter)

UNCLE SAM’S CALLING CARD: Prize Bull was needlessly slaughtered and dumped in a pit by BLM workers (Photo via Granitegrok.com)

DEJECTED: Ranchers left distraught by the scale of US government crimes in Bunkerville, Nevada (Photo via Granitegrok.com)

In addition to the livestock debacle, it is now conformed that the BLM had been systematically vandalizing and destroying water troughs on the ranch for the animals. It is not know when the orders were given to intentionally ruin the water supply and fences, but residents are now suspicious of the possibility that these orders may have been given after the BLM knew they would might be vacating the site prematurely – a spiteful move by a federal government in retreat (certainly be an interesting question for a grand jury hearing).

To think, all of this, perpetrated under the BLM’s alleged banner as “conservationists” acting on behalf of US the Federal Government to save an endangered Desert Tortoise – who it turns out is now being euthanized by the very same government.

More dramatic announcements regarding the Bundy Ranch are set to be announced later this week.

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