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Much has been made of Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical strategic prowess in recent weeks, with Obama being accused of playing dominos to Putin’s ‘triple chess’.

Most pundits agree that Putin has gotten the better of his European and Washington counterparts so far, which has lit a fire under one former Russian chess legend turned political activist, one irate Garry Kasparov, who believes he has the secret to toppling the Kremlin’s Grand Master...

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

IBM websites remind us the corporation’s pride and joy, Deep Blue, a supercomputer which played a fascinating and winning series of matches with then-reigning World Chess Champion, Kasparov in 1997.  Kasparov lost.

KASPAROV: ‘The computer must have caught me on a bad day, or it must have cheated’.

After a previous series of chess games starting in Feb 1996, which Kasparov won, his luck wore thin and by 1997 he was regularly beaten by the Big Blue machine of IBM. Very predictably, Kasparov accused IBM of cheating. How does a computer “cheat”?

After his humbling string of defeats, Kasparov turned to couched potato punditry of the political sort, running street protests in Moscow but also without much luck. Trying his hand again, he is now advising what he calls “the west” on how to beat Putin. Here again, his luck doesn’t look too good because his one-liners only tell us nothing new.

Paid by outlets such as Rupert Murdoch’s new toy, the Wall Street Journal, political pundit Kasparov tells us that the west should, “Sanction the 140 oligarchs who would dump Mr. Putin in the trash tomorrow if he cannot protect their assets abroad. Target their visas, their mansions and IPOs in London, their yachts and Swiss bank accounts. Use banks, not tanks”.

Great stuff which “the west” could (or should) also do to its own 140 criminal bankers and dodgy brokers, and their army of bent traders, tax dodgers and parasites, but because they own the finance system, the same way that Russia’s oligarchs do, the likelihood of that is low. Your move, Mr Kasparov.

Kasparov, writing in the WSJ, tried a flanking move to confuse or amuse us all. He claimed to know that Putin will run a divide-and-rule strategy on the world’s finance markets, pitting Europe against the US. He wrote that  “Wall Street’s loss (will be) London’s gain, and Mr. Putin’s divide-and-conquer tactics will work again”.

This is pure nonsense. If that is how Kasparov plays chess, then it’s really no surprise that Deep Blue beat him. His ignorance of how world financial markets operate, and who operates them, is stunning.

He ignores the basic fact that Wall Street and London rise in lockstep, with Tokyo and other places like Frankfurt, and they will all fall together, also. This is the seamless grid of stock exchange operators, since 2009 dedicated to a “permanent bull” market – who cares about “fundamentals” – but Kasparov airily claims that Wall Street can fall while London gains. Somehow he got it 100% wrong.

What’s more frightening is how Kasparov wants so badly to get into politics.

No Market Panic – Except When We Want It

Those very same Western financial market operators are now giving us a vintage show of mock-panic. The bankers, brokers and traders who own and operate the markets have lots of fancy explanations for their sudden urge to sell, but their real intention is to nudge Western politicians further and faster down the road to war. This is bankers’ mass psychology. War is good for stock exchanges because after the ritual slaying of fake value, there can be the ritual “buy on the dip”, afterwards. It is a tried and tested formula, operated for far more than a hundred years.

Kasparov doesn’t tell us (or simply doesn’t know) that “the markets”, including Moscow’s stock exchange, generate and feed off panic on a daily basis. The important point is that since 2009 the panic is obligatorily euphoric, aimed at driving stock prices, commodity prices – anything at all, including Mr Putin’s own oil and gas revenues… to the Moon. When the euphoria-panic turns tail and descends into sell-everything-and-scoot the panic is black, like Kasparov’s chess pieces. The events are totally symmetrical. Ask Janet Yellen, or Mario Draghi.

KASPAROV AND PUTIN: Political rivals, sort of – but Kasparov is firmly in the globalist camp, relying on western support to maintain his platform.

How Mr Putin could divide-and-rule all that is very hard to imagine, but he could buy a few stock options, no?

By the end of a “hectic week’s trading”, March 14, the programmed constant ramp upward of the world’s stock exchange darlings – equity prices and oil prices – was doing very badly, in fact threatened with Mass Extinction. The Ukraine-Crimea threat was being “priced in”. Panic business as usual. The market operators want war, or something close to it.

Garry Kasparov was paid to fill several columns, so he wheeled out Google search one-liners in his own show of mock-panic. He said that the “post-1945 world of territorial integrity” is threatened with desecration by Vladimir Putin, believing that somehow the Ukraine is the red line in the sand.

Whether South Sudan secedes (by referendum) from North Sudan, or the Czech Republic separates from Slovakia, or Kosovo was surgically carved out of Serbia (by NATO military strikes), or East Germany – and even the Ukraine itself which seceded from the collapsed USSR in 1991 (is Kasparov’s memory that short?), relatively peacefully but without referendums, or if Sikkim was annexed by an Indian military force like Tibet was annexed by China, or if North and South Vietnam were reunited following a colonial war of over 20 years, or if Kurdistan secedes from rump Iraq, or perhaps if Scotland secedes from the Union with England in 2014 by referendum vote – none of this in any way at all threatens the Universe of post-1945 ‘Territorial Integrity’. Yet, Kasparov says so!

Pull the other leg, Mister Kasparov – or go back to Deep Blue.

OBAMA: Prefers putting.

Kasparov’s think-pieces in western government-friendly media tell us that only 500 kilometres south of Crimea, across the the Black Sea, Russian soldiers still occupy parts of Georgia—South Ossetia and Abkhazia—where they have been since Mr. Putin’s 2008 invasion and de facto annexation. How many market-playing traders take any notice of that? Do they key that into their iPhone of a Monday morning before they pile into equities, talk up oil a little or a lot, play the JPY/USD carry trade story, or any other “ultra-transparent” finance market circus act?

You have to be kidding, Mr Kasparov.

Saddam and Slobodan

Western interest in Georgia’s territorial integrity almost instantly fell to absolute zero, but Kasparov doesn’t want to know that. Instead, he brazenly announces, in his WSJ piece, that Vladimir Putin is now the living and breathing embodiment of Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. No less than that!

He writes: “Mr. Putin belongs to an exclusive club, along with Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Miloševic, as one of the very few leaders to invade a neighboring nation in the nuclear age”.

Kasparov forgot about George W. Bush and Iraq, 2003 following George W. Bush and Afghanistan, 2001. Kosovo and Libya for example? Forget it. Apparently none of these military invasions “ever existed”, but Kasparov could wiggle around that one by saying the invaded countries weren’t exactly neighbors of the US.

Kasparov forgets plenty. He should remind himself, and us, that Russia is a UN Security Council Declared Nuclear Power. One of the Big 5 nuclear weapons-owning powers. Russia can hit back very hard, Mr Kasparov. Not at all like Hussein’s Iraq or Milosevic’s Serbia or whoever was running Afghanistan in 2001 when the Americans invaded. Russia’s nuclear weapons status means that when or if NATO was stupid or arrogant enough (and we hope neither) to try a bombing party or turkey shoot in Russia, the party will “go nuclear” very fast.

NATO would be simply mad to send troops anywhere near Russian Crimea, but the Western politicians who seem to like Kasparov, and he seems to like them, are edging towards an endgame like that. This will be literally losing all your pawns – your fighting assets – in a nuclear chess game! NATO knows very well that “modern war” is only against weak unprepared nations which can’t hit back. That folks, is New World Order “heroism”. Such is Western Manifest Destiny, these days. Shoot up the ‘Towelheads’ (as the US military like to refer to them) and hope they might have some oil and mineral assets, to pillage later on.

Interestingly, Kasparov, to fill column space and deliver his paid-for rant, tells us that “expansionist aggression” has been out of fashion since the time of Adolf Hitler, adding that Hitler failed but Joseph Stalin succeeded – because he could bully “a wheelchair US president close to death, Franklin Roosevelt, and a powerless and ruined Winston Churchill”. How then could their liberal democracies with free-flowing markets vote such stick insects to power? Kasparov is not interested in subjects like that. He tells us in a semi-confidential way that Evil Stalin was able to annexe Poland by promising elections that he knew would be won by the communist government already in place. Voted into power, you mean, Mr Kasparov?

Replace Motherland with Homeland

Kasparov is of course (of course) gung-ho for the Kiev Euro-Maidan flash mob, and its so-called “democratic government” infected with neo-Nazi hard rightists, which was certainly not elected. He actually calls it a moral victory for the West but nowhere in his writings does he refer to the Russian Orthodox Church, which as in several post-Soviet countries, notably Poland, has a powerful political role in society. Kasparov says “the 140 oligarchs” will turn on a dice and dump Putin when the stock exchange casino’s roulette wheels turn the wrong way – tilted that way by Mr Obama, Mrs Merkel and suchlike – but the Russian Orthodox Church sees Putin as a savior.

Possibly a truant who later in life turned away from Evil, but a savior all the same. Orthodox Church web sites in English, and with no doubt more vehemently in Russian, hammer out the message that Putin is the thin red line in the sand. Putin defends the West – meaning Russia – against the barbarous degeneracy of the USA and Europe, and against the barbarous savagery of the Islamic world. Putin’s popularity ratings inside Russia (of course the polls are doctored) say he is approved by about 72% of the public – which Kasparov can compare with the scores of Obama, Hollande or Cameron.

For Kasparov, Putin’s talk about the Russian Motherland rings of the ‘Nazi era’. He says it is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler. And what about Barack O’Drone’s JSOC and the bulging Homeland Security domestic army, and the NSA who read your mails before you even send them?  The crucial difference is that Adolf Hitler did not possess nuclear weapons – although he tried, in an unwilling and unbelieving way, to have the 1933 Nobel physics prizewinner Werner Karl Heisenberg develop an atom bomb for Nazi Germany. If you are going to talk ‘theoretical Hitler’ chess master, then you have to go all the way…

If Nazi Germany had developed the bomb, using Heisenberg’s heavy water and depleted uranium reactor route, before the USA, the Second World War would have been mightily different… of that you can be very, very sure, Mr Kasparov.

Kasparov can understand that even if he is too stupid to beat an IBM computer, Putin is not in charge of an essentially under-armed and under-protected country like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 1991 and in 2003. Equip a country such as Hussein’s Iraq with nuclear weapons – and watch the Dogs of War stop their barking and blethering, as they crawl back into their kennels to eat offal.

Without the nuclear weapons, the Dogs of War from the west can triumphantly sweep in to desecrate, destroy and pillage any place on earth – in an orgy of violence. ‘Freedom and Liberty’ is like that, in Newspeak anyway.

According to Boris Kasparov, Mr. Putin’s divide-and-conquer tactics are working again. He sternly adds, finishing up his paid diatribe in the WSJ, that “If Mr. Putin succeeds—and if there is no united Western response, he will have succeeded regardless of whether or not Russian troops stay in Crimea”.

This allows him to make the Biblical prediction that “The world, or at least the world order as we know it will have ended”.

Yes. The sooner the better.

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