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Google Claims it Will Now Encrypt All Search Data – Do You Believe Them?

21st Century Wire says…

The headlines read, “Google to encrypt searches, aims to foil NSA and China”. Really?

Google aims to foil the NSA… now that sure sounds great, but beyond the flowery headlines, that’s pretty hard to believe considering how from the beginning, Google’s financial and boardroom links to the NSA, CIA, DARPA, and Bilderberg have defined its ‘higher purpose’ as the data infrastructure of choice which the general populace works through.

From a PR standpoint, it’s a no-brainer that Google and other big players who dominate the global user base – have to clean up their public image and repair trust issues by simply releasing grandiose statements in their corporate press releases.

China is always a great media buzzword, but post-Snowden, Americans no longer see China as the evil neighbor, rather, as our Orwellian brothers and sisters.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s made a grand pledge recently that Google would use encryption in order “to counter internet censorship”.

“I believe there’s a real chance that we can eliminate censorship and the possibility of censorship in a decade”, said Schmidt.

This is the same Eric Schmidt who meets in secret with two hundred other global luminaries every year in June at the Bilderberg Summit to chart humanities course for the coming year. There is no transparency with Bilderberg’s agenda, so it’s highly doubtful that Schmidt’s Google would be transparent either.

What more likely here, is that Google will provide encryption, but they will still analysis the raw data and players like the NSA will be given (or will take) the encryption keys. Just a minor formality at the end of the day.

Bottom line: because of the collusion between firms like Google, Facebook and Microsoft – the trust is gone.

Until the NSA is scrapped and firms like Google have to sign public charters guarranteeing compliance to Americans’ Bill of Rights, then it’s just more of the same.

Google is encrypting search globally. That’s bad for the NSA and China’s censors.

Craig Timberg and JIa Lynn Yang

Washington Post

Google has begun routinely encrypting Web searches conducted in China, posing a bold new challenge to that nation’s powerful system for censoring the Internet and tracking what individual users are viewing online.

The company says the move is part of a global expansion of privacy technology designed to thwart surveillance by government intelligence agencies, police and hackers who, with widely available tools, can view e-mails, search queries and video chats when that content is unprotected.

China’s Great Firewall, as its censorship system is known, has long intercepted searches for information it deemed politically sensitive. Google’s growing use of encryption there means that government monitors are unable to detect when users search for sensitive terms, such as “Dalai Lama” or “Tiananmen Square,” because the encryption makes them appear as indecipherable strings of numbers and letters.

China — and other nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, that censor the Internet on a national level — will still have the option of blocking Google search services altogether. But governments will have more difficulty filtering content for specific search terms. They also will have more trouble identifying which people are searching for information on sensitive subjects, experts say.

The development is the latest — and perhaps most unexpected — consequence of Edward Snowden’s release last year of National Security Agency documents detailing the extent of government surveillance of the Internet. Google and other technology companies responded with major new investments in encryption worldwide…

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