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‘Conrad Constitution’: Obama Assassination Cartoon Satire Prompts Secret Service Visit Series Creator

21st Century Wire says…

What happens when a controversial comedy satire goes viral? 

Following the public premier on GMN on February 19th, of Season 2 Episode #8 of the popular internet animation series, ‘Conrad the Constitution’, filmmaker Tim Fox received a visited from the President’s own Secret Service detail.

Tim Fox, co-creator of the cult hit, was surprised to find the Secret Service on his doorstep Saturday around 12 noon on February 22nd. After politely questioning Fox, the two officers then left his apartment.

“On Friday night, the Secret Service showed up at my parents’ house in down San Diego, I got a call from my dad saying ‘two secret service agents are here to talk with you (…)… next thing I know (Sat.) they show up at my apartment in Los Angeles and they wanted to talk to me about the video,” Fox told GMN.

“They told me that they had been getting a lot of complaints about the video, people had been sending to them because were concerned.”

Conrad-ConstitutionThe episode in question depicts the cartoon character, Conrad Constitution (image, left), after passing out on paint fumes, falls in a dream sequence where he traveled six years into the future only to discover an America in tatters and under Marshal Law – with Obama still in the White House. Conrad then engineers a plan to set the nation free from dictatorship by assassinating the President. When Conrad finally awakens from his nightmare, he realises it was just a dream after being brought around by friend Ron Paul.

Apparently, the White House has deemed the cartoon as some type of threat, although the Secret Service did not make clear whether the fictitious animation posed a physical, or a political threat to the President.

Creator Tim Fox explains the motivation behind the comedy series created by Fox Bros Studios, “Our elected officials that swear an oath to the constitution, swear that oath, and then tear it apart. ”

“We wanted to give ourselves a break with a little bit of humour, because it can get pretty depressing for people watching these politicians destroy the country.”

Listen to this interview compilation, including a before and after discussion from Fox following the Secret Service reaction to the controversial cartoon, as well as Episode #8 itself, which triggered the White House’s snap reaction…

NOTE: To date, no further action has been taken against animator Fox, or Fox Bros Studios. 

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