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PHOTOS: ‘Stop Watching Us’ Rally Against the NSA Hits Washington DC Today

IMAGE: Today’s anti-NSA rally in DC brought out all the artist-protesters (PHOTO: Nemo, 21WIRE/GMN)

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

WASHINGTON DC – This weekend in Washington DC, a diverse coalition of demonstrators have come out to protest against America’s rogue National Security Agency (NSA) and their highly unpopular and illegal surveillance activities.

Thousands of people turned out in the nation’s capital to demand less surveillance – and more freedom.

(PHOTO by Nemo, 21WIRE/GMN)

The demonstration is being called the ‘Stop Watching Us‘ rally, and as of 1pm EST, and 21WIRE/GMN photographer, Nemo, was on the ground, reporting approximately 1,500 protesters were present with more arriving each hour, at the main location near Washington DC’s Columbus Circle and Union Station Plaza area near Capitol Hill, and on the National Mall.

Keynote speakers included Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The eclectic coalition of supporters for this new event includes some high-profile whistleblowers, activists, political leaders, and even a few Hollywood actors who have chosen to voice their privacy concerns in public.

International outrage hit fever pitch this week, over more Ed Snowden revelations of wire tapping of at least 35 different world leaders at the hands of the NSA.

In addition to this NSA protest, this week, Oct 21-27, 2013, is National Free Speech Week in America.

(PHOTO by Nemo, 21WIRE/GMN)

(PHOTO by Nemo, 21WIRE/GMN)

(PHOTO by Nemo, 21WIRE/GMN)

(PHOTO by Nemo, 21WIRE/GMN)

Whether any of the high-profile actors like John Cusack, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, as well as film director Oliver Stone (watch video below) are prepared to direct any of their public angst towards President Obama himself is unlikely as many of these same actors openly campaigned for the democratic party’s White House aspirations over the last two national elections.

See more updates on this story at 21st Century Wire this weekend.

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