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‘Yankees go home’: Venezuela expels US diplomats suspected of plotting sabotage

21st Century Wire says…

Hugo Chavez successor Nicholas Maduro has kicked 3 top US ‘diplomats’, out of the country under suspicion of trying to disrupt the state power grid in Venezuela.

Most would agree: he is right. Why? It wouldn’t be the first time that the US would be attempting to destabilse a foreign government to advance transnational corporate interests, and certainly not the first time in Venezuela itself…

Watch the film, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, a 2003 documentary focusing on events in Venezuela leading up to and during the CIA-backed April 2002 coup d’état attempt, which managed to remove President Chávez  from office, if only for a few days. US operatives took control of a portion of the county’s the media airwaves at the time to engineer another “Arab Spring” type public uprising back then before the failed coup attempt, and have used exactly the same tactics in countless other countries.

By now, the world knows what tactics the US and the CIA use to remove those governments who aren’t “paying their fair share” to the international mafia. Now Washington is trying to make up for lost time in South America – a continent which its lost its grip on since trying to occupy and dominate the Middle East and Central Asia.

President Maduro has finally figured out what many other nations around the world already know: that US Embassies are often nothing more than overthrow and terrorist sabotage staging grounds…

RT reports…

Three US diplomats have been accused by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of plotting with the country’s far right to sabotage the national electric grid. In a scathing TV address, the socialist leader told the diplomats to leave within 48 hours.

Maduro, who canceled his visit to the UN General Assembly a week ago over an unspecified ‘US plot’, said he was expelling three American diplomats.

“We detected a group of US embassy officials dedicated to meeting the far-right and to financing and encouraging acts of sabotage against the electrical system and Venezuela’s economy,” the president said in a televised speech.

“Yankees go home!” he said in English, after announcing the decision to oust the diplomats.

“Get out of here! I don’t care what actions the government of Barack Obama takes,” Maduro added.

Among those expelled is Chargé d’Affairs, Kelly Keiderling, the senior US diplomat in Venezuela in the absence of an ambassador. Caracas and Washington have not exchanged ambassadors since 2010, after the then incumbent President Hugo Chaves refused to accept a newly appointed American envoy. The other two were consular officer, David Moo, and Elizabeth Hoffman, who work in the embassy’s political section.

Foreign Minister Elias Jaua later said on state TV that the expelled Americans had met with opposition and labor leaders in the southeastern state of Bolivar, and with the opposition governor of Amazonas state, Liborio Guarulla. He said a protest note was sent to US Secretary of State John Kerry about the meeting.

The US Embassy rejected Venezuelan allegations of conspiracy, saying the trip was “normal diplomatic engagement” with opposition forces.

“We completely reject the Venezuelan government’s allegations of US government involvement in any type of conspiracy to destabilize the Venezuela government,” the Embassy said in a statement.“We likewise reject the specific claims against the three members of our embassy.”

On Tuesday the US announced that three Venezuelan diplomats had 48 hours to leave the country as its response to Venezuela’s expulsions…

Read more at RT

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