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Kokesh: Presidential run in ‘2020’ to abolish federal government

21st Century Wire says…

In an interview from a Fairfax County jail in Virgina, activist Adam Kokesh vows to make a bid for the 2020 presidential election, on a platform to end the federal government.

He is currently facing drug and firearm charges after his home was raided on the 9th of July, shortly after he produced a 4th of July video of himself loading a shotgun near downtown DC, in Freedom Plaza.

Kokesh denies any possession of drugs, stating: “If they found a stash of magic mushrooms in my house, they were not mine.”

Continuing he added: “I’m pretty confident that, whether or not they found anything, the full paper bags that (U.S. Park Police) brought into my house would insure that they had charges to bring against me.”

Adam then announced his presidential platform: “An orderly dissolution of the United States federal government.”

In the video below, notice the use of ‘pro-gun’ and ‘anti-government’ by both Fox reporters. This appears to illustrate the type media bias we are up against, a bias that disapproves of government criticism but has no problem demonizing gun owners and constitutionalists…

“It’s called civil disobedience.” – Adam Kokesh

Activist Adam Kokesh will run for President to abolish U.S. government

By John Henrehan

Anti-government activist Adam Kokesh, who is currently jailed on drug charges and is facing a firearms charge in D.C., says he will someday run for President on a platform of abolishing the federal government.

Since July 9th, 31-year old Adam Kokesh has been incarcerated in a cell in the Fairfax County jail which measures seven by seven-and-a-half feet.

On Independence Day, Kokesh had a colleague record a video of the pro-gun activist loading a shotgun on D.C.’s Freedom Plaza. The District has strict gun control laws that generally forbid the carrying of firearms. U.S. Park Police and D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department opened an investigation.

Several days later, U.S. Park Police used a flash grenade when their SWAT team served a search warrant at Kokesh’s home in Herndon, Va. Kokesh was arrested when officers said they found hallucinogenic mushrooms at the house.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue