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British Nanny State Out of Control: Morning wake-up visits for 400,000 ‘shameless’ families

21st Century Wire says…

The bold new Tory plan: spend millions to do morning house visits to “wake people up” for job interviews – for jobs that don’t actually exist. 

Next, to make sure children are going to school – to a British inner city school system that rates as one of the lowest in the world, and where many children face the ‘law of the jungle’ hoping to fend off aggression and commonplace drug use and supplies in British schools.

Yes, we suppose the Tory government is really in touch with what’s going on in the ghetto. You know, David’s ‘Big Society’ and all that..? It will be amazing to how many people actually answer the door. Very clever plan this one.

Yes, we’re sure this new program will be a resounding success, well worth every penny of taxpayer pounds spent. We’re sure…

Officials to turn up to get them out of bed for job interviews and make sure children go to school

  • Treasury minister Danny Alexander announces funding for 2015-16
  • £4,500 spent on each family could save £15,000-a-year, government claims
  • Hardcore of problem families dominate time and money of the authorities
  • Worker will make children go to school and adults attend job interviews

James Chapman
Mail Online

Officials are to turn up at the homes of 400,000 of Britain’s most disruptive families to get them out of bed for job interviews and make sure their children go to school.

TORY TECHNOCRAT ALEXANDER: This posh twit seems to have all the answers. Very in touch with the youth.

Alcoholics and drug addicts will also be made to go to rehab under the plan which hugely extends a project already targeting 120,000 families.

Money to widen the scheme has been found in the Government’s spending review for 2015-16 which is due to be announced tomorrow.

Chancellor George Osborne is to say that £4,500 will be spent targeting each of 400,000 high-risk families who dominate the work of the police, social workers and NHS staff. They cost taxpayers billions because of worklessness, anti-social behaviour and truancy.

The average annual cost to the state of such a family is £15,000, but ministers say the worst cost as much as £330,000 a year. 

However, 84 per cent of the spending is used to react to their problems, rather than trying to turn around their lives. As many as 20 arms of the state are involved in dealing with these households at present.

A more co-ordinated approach, which will see one dedicated official take responsibility for ensuring that children go to school, adults attend job interviews and the whole family stays out of trouble, will be more effective, ministers argue.

The riots in the summer of 2011 convinced the Government that drastic steps are required to tackle a hardcore of neighbourhoods where few have a proper job…

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