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Microsoft and NYPD Create Domain Awareness System In New ‘Gotham City’


By Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

In a move to expand its already oppressive police state, the New York Police Department is about to implement its latest, high-tech security system developed in conjunction with Microsoft and its eugenics-friendly founder Bill Gates. 

Shackles of the State

The surveillance grid grows despite public concern over civil liberties violations. New York, is one of the biggest cities expanding this kind of shock & awe surveillance. Last summer, the NYPD acquired the massive data collecting software system known as ‘Domain Awareness System’ or DAS, which is to be unveiled at some point this year. In addition to that, New York stands to make 30% for future installations of DAS in other cities.

This begs the question, is this really about security or monetary gain? 

Gotham City Crackdown

The Domain Awareness system, created by Microsoft, is the future of pre-crime surveillance, born out of the dark dreams of dystopian science fiction. The system will have around the clock data feeds that are categorized for quick response. In sense, building a precognitive digital interface, that could eventually be used to anticipate events. Is this system serving to indoctrinate the public to an authoritarian future? Here is the official statement from  News from the Blue Room on the NYC government website:

 “The NYPD and Microsoft worked together to develop the Domain Awareness System, a sophisticated law enforcement technology solution that aggregates and analyzes existing public safety data streams in real-time, providing NYPD investigators and analysts with a comprehensive view of potential threats and criminal activity. For example, analysts are quickly notified of suspicious packages and vehicles and NYPD personnel can actively search for suspects using advanced technologies like smart cameras and license plate readers.”

 Paul Browne, chief spokesman for the NYPD also added:

The technology, having been inspired and engineered with a sense of urgency after 9/11, has obvious applications to conventional crime fighting,”  “That is in the process of being expanded citywide, for what, after all, is our primary mission, which is to fight crime.”

The invocation of 9/11 is not lost on the vigilant, as there has been an unprecedented erosion of civil liberties since that tragic day. In the recent attacks in Boston and Woolwich London, intelligence agencies had prior knowledge of key suspects involved, just as they did prior to 9/11. What will DAS or the “Ring of Steel” in London, do to stop the next terror attack? Intelligence agencies have been found to hatch their very own terror plots, which seem to serve as the impetus for a larger police state. 

Who Watches the Watchmen

However, there are some harsh critics of the coming super-spy-system, Christopher Dunn, associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, stated:”There is no outside monitoring of the use of this system.” Dunn, as reported by Reuters, has also filed a lawsuit with the NYPD, on the constitutional and religious concerns of Muslim communities. 

These are pressing concerns as the security measures are sure to increase.

Make no mistake, this is a nation-wide campaign to accelerate “Big Brother” surveillance.

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