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Is North Korea the Next Victim of US Megalomaniacs?

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

It seems there is no let up in the US governments insatiable lust for world dominance, as it continues to bully its way around the globe.

It’s latest victim is North Korea, who is being punished by sanctions for daring to carry out a nuclear weapons test, which further proves the dangerous and dreadful superiority complex of the US administration who are no doubt the greatest terrorist threat to humanity at the moment.

Kim Jung-un: Is N. Korea really bigger threat to world peace than the United States?

US Ambassador Susan Rice’s ego seemed delighted to be able to lead the charge in the decision for sanctions, backed by the UN, to punish President Kim Jong -un in his desire to have a decent weapon to protect his country against the wrath of US and South Korea who have been flexing their muscles with war games, obviously designed for an attack on North Korea.

Did Kim Jong justifiably take these war games as an act of aggression and provocation, which prompted him to threaten to scrap the 60 year truce which ended the Korean War, close a shared border, and threaten to preemptively defend himself if further encroachments happened? Fair question.

Washington had the audacity to call Kim Jong’s words “extreme rhetoric”, which is incredible when we hear the war talk and heinous acts of aggression and war crimes against humanity which come out of the mouths and bombs of the US government and it’s Military… Industrial Complex.  Colin Powell’s infamous words spring to mind when he previously threatened North Korea saying US could reduce them to “a charcoal briquette.” Not that the region needs any reminder of that after the Hiroshima war crimes against humanity, with still no apology to this day!

So could North Korea be the next Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, or Iran? It is a worrying trend by the US of destroying any country which ‘just might’ acquire nuclear capabilities, and they are like a bully in a school yard beating up the smaller kids ‘just in case’ they get bigger later and become a threat. It is also like killing someone ‘just in case’ they get a gun one day, even though they have not tried to kill you before. Just imagine North Korea playing war games around USA, but that is different because the white man still has a supremacy consciousness which knows no bounds, and will do virtually anything to feed its bloated ego and insatiable lust for power, greed and control, like an out of control, cancerous tumor, that eventually ends up devouring itself as well as everything else.

The sanctions, which are also war crimes against humanity, will now begin to tighten their choking grip on North Korea, and we wait to see what is next, and as with Iran all bets are off as to the outcome, although we can safely say that if it comes down to who will be the most unscrupulous, devious, and dangerous then my money would be on US, though often where greed and power is concerned the perpetrators in their haste can make mistakes, and things can backfire on them, which reminds me of the old Zaroastrian Proverb which says: Evil finally becomes stupid…..

Gross ethical compromises in Governments, and the future consequences of actions made without vision and wisdom are one of humanities greatest threats, and a cursory glance at the current global situation should be sufficient to alert us to the emergency and urgency that we face if we carry on our current trajectory of war and madness, exacerbated and perpetuated by our imbalanced leadership. The wise Iroquois Indians would look seven generations ahead with each decision, and its inevitable consequences, in order to ensure a peaceful, stable and symbiotic future, and it is imperative now that we do the same if we are to stand a chance of peace and stability.




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue