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DECLASSIFIED MEMO: Top Military Leaders Wanted 911-Like Event to Shape Public Opinion on Terror-War

by Debbie & William Lewis
Take Back Washington

It is said that history repeats itself, unless we learn from it. Was the “War on Terrorism” incited by lessons not learned in US History? Some say yes.

In March of 1962, the highest-ranking officers of each branch of the military, known more popularly as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposed a risky plan that would forever change the landscape of diplomatic international relations and forever cast doubt on a government willing to subvert its laws, and stage-manage its sovereigns.

The Northwoods Document, as it is now called, was not executed at the time of its inception. However, it was never forgotten. The document outlines step-by-step plans on how to mislead the American public into a full-scale war on terrorism and decisive invasion of Cuba. Top military leaders proposed all this and more in the name of spreading democracy and restoring free government to the impoverished people of a desolate land. Does any of this sound familiar?

Speaking on the Northwoods Document in the documentary “One Nation Under Siege,” Dave vonKleist of The Power Hour radio program uses logic and reasoning to propose some very tough questions about our current federal government and their collectively corrupt state-of-mind. If the Joint Chiefs had a plan on paper 50 years ago to substitute aircraft and shoot one down in order to manipulate public opinion, is it possible that they would do that in today’s world?

The plan, as proposed by the Joint Chiefs, suggests that a U.S.A.F. airliner be painted and disguised as a commercial passenger plane and converted to an unmanned remote controlled drone or UAV as they are known in today’s terminology. Mock passengers would board an alternate plane under carefully prepared aliases. The empty copy-cat-commercial plane would eventually be shot down where eyewitnesses would be available to observe, report and perpetuate the official government version of the story.

The Northwoods Document is extremely explicit and well thought out. Every detail and possible scenario is anticipated – complete with solutions and cover stories. Other tactics include blowing up U.S. military vessels, potentially near a harbor entrance and conducting mock funerals for the “victims” in order to generate a public outcry against the terrorists. Hijacking and crashing planes, fake terror campaigns, and the use of high explosives on U.S. military installations are but a few of the macabre strategies suggested by the Joint Chiefs to further push the war-buttons of unsuspecting, but very compliant, Americans.

Director William Lewis expands on this area of thought by reminding us that on the morning of September 11, 2001 Fox News interviewed one of its own employees who was a witness to the second tower jet strike. Mr. Mark Burnback stated that the alleged commercial airliner “had no windows on the side.” The Fox News anchorperson then suggested that perhaps this was not a commercial aircraft after all. Mr. Lewis goes on to mention there were other witnesses testifying to this fact on other networks, as well. Burnback’s testimony can be heard in director Lewis’ earlier documentary “911 In Plane Site,” the first September 11 expose’ to show collections of news footage from the first few hours of the attack. The official version of September 11 quickly disintegrates under careful scrutiny and the observance of basic logic.

As Former Major General Albert Stubblebine put it… “What’s going on?” It is our duty, as Americans, to require accountability for what is happening both here and abroad. With last years passage of the reauthorization of the USA PATRIOT Act, our perpetual “War on Terrorism,” the ever-mounting deaths of our sons and daughters in a war that is clearly not ours, and our escalating loss of liberties, Americans MUST finally realize that our system of government has been permanently contaminated by the lust and greed of men who have way too much power and too little regard for the U.S. Bill of Rights.

It is time for Americans to become vigilant in this “War on Terrorism” or they may find that the price for unchecked complacency is merciless slavery. Remember the old saying, “people get the government that they deserve?”

For more information on “One Nation Under Siege,” please visit http://www.WilliamLewisFilms.com



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue