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Danny Dayem and CNN’s Mockingbird Media Agitprop Shop

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Even the best laid plans of mice and men turn sour sometimes. This is never more true than in the cointelpro corporate mainstream media sphere.

Dayem was caught conducting what appears to be staged media reports from Syria. Although the seasoned spin doctor Cooper is able to coolly direct their conversation, Syrian Danny cannot hide the obvious panic which had already set in as a result of being exposed as a stage actor manufacturing news in his alleged home country.

The video below shows CNN’s point man Anderson Cooper conducting damage control with the mainstream media’s public face of the Syrian opposition, Danny Dayem who can be seen pleading on air, “Why would we have to manipulate anything?”.

CNN response was to take rear guard action by running a PR defensive, including repeated tacit admissions by a visibly uncomfortable Dayem, back pedaling in a vigorous effort to cover his own tracks after the leaked out-takes of these synthetic news reports were aired via a recent exposé on Syrian state television.

Ironic that Anderson Cooper’s CNN program is entitled “360”, as the spin employed in their Syria coverage is nearly disorienting. As Dayem’s on-camera US media handler, Cooper himself is no stranger to the world of spooks, spies and media psy-ops, serving within the CIA from a young age just out of university. In terms of a well-documented CIA media operation like Operation Mockingbird, a trusted news celebrity like Cooper would be  considered a prize asset in the agency’s agenda to influence US domestic and western foreign opinion for the purposes of winning acceptance of a said Washington foreign policy objective.

Any news anchor’s responsibility within Operation Mockingbird is first to plant, or “seed” a news story or idea, and then repeat specific talking points designed for the mainstream consumption, while directing the conversation throughout, and with the ultimate goal of achieving what social engineers describe as a ‘consensus reality’.

From its humble beginnings in 1980 as a perceived underdog to majors ABC, CBS and NBC, Ted Turner’s Cable News Network aka CNN gained the trust of American viewers early on and is still riding that wave today. In truth, CNN has actually pioneered fake news in modern US media – starting with the first Gulf War in 1991, when their producers staged a faux missile attack from a broadcast studio in Saudi Arabia- complete with blue screen back-drops, potted palm trees and fake air-raid sirens. Like Syrian Danny’s staged reports from Homs, CNN’s outrageous vintage Gulf War I agitprop theatrics also used fake gun fire sounds and mock explosions in order to make the American public believe something was happening live on air – when it really wasn’t.

Watch this vintage leaked video:

The whole Syrian regime change agenda originally cooked up in Whitehall and Washington DC some years ago and hinges on making the western public believe that UNARMED Syrian protestors are the ‘opposition’ – and the ruling government is engaged in what CNN describes every 15 minutes as “a violent crackdown on opposition”.

According to other reports from networks that do not have a history of fabricating news – like Russia Today, the Syrian ‘Opposition’ are very much armed and engaged in random violence. Independent journalist and author Webster Tarpley corroborated this during his investigative visit to Homs in November 2011 when the alleged social uprising was supposed to be at its peak, only to find Central American-style ‘death squads’, and ‘opposition’ snipers stationed on the roof tops all over the city, shooting unarmed civilians for the purposes of blaming the violence on the Assad government security forces, thus fomenting discontent with the ruling government.

By now it is very well documented that the western powers, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are currently supplying arms and providing logistical support to foreign al-Qaeda militias inside Syria.

Watching Danny’s theatrical news reports, one cannot help but refer to Barry Levinson’s 1997 film Wag the Dog where Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman do Washington’s bidding by fabricating phony war scenes in Albania (watch video below). This is taking the concept of yellow journalism to its extreme, but that’s exactly what CNN has done by fabricating its own staged war scenes – and then airing these highly dubious news reports of “more dead protesters” in Homs. In this way, CNN follows the ‘Wag the Dog’ plot to perfection

Now that the Syrian government has driven the rebels and so-called “Free Syrian Army” out of the city Homs the real picture is finally becoming more evident. Rebel mercenary forces are no longer able to hide under the cloak of chaos and faux correspondents mince reports of civilian dead with armed militia dead – a convoluted death toll statistic which has become the sole pillar of any intervention plans being entertained by the UN, but hatched and masterminded in Whitehall and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Even among the externally engineered violence taking place within their own borders, Syrians turned out in droves to vote in favor of their own new constitutional reforms, boasting voting numbers that dwarf western democratic turn-outs in countries like the US and Great Britain. Still, the western voices led by Hillary Clinton in Washington and William Hague  in Britain are relentlessly clamouring for a violent overthrow of President Assad’s ruling secular government.

One of Danny’s main jobs for CNN seems to be helping to inflate the death toll of alleged peaceful protesters in the city of Homs. Western proponents of regime change are looking for that irrefutable, magic casualty announcement of “10,000 innocents dead from Assad government crack-downs”. This number of 10,000 will be used by the UN security council’s new humanitarian bully pulpit, accompanied by the ever popular strap line “genocide” – all designed to ram through a resolution or international ‘No Fly Zone’ in Syria.

Danny is clearly playing both sides of the fence – not quite the activist and all the while appearing to be playing the reluctant journalist hack for CNN. Critics of Syrian Danny are currently split between those who think he is merely a naive ‘useful idiot’, and those who believe he is a British intelligence operative of Syrian descent who was planted in Syria in order to sell the existence of a bona fide Syrian opposition – something the Western axis powers and its media outlets have had considerable difficulty doing since the Syrian uprising began in 2011. Judging by the level of obvious panic and confusion Danny displayed during his last CNN in studio interview with Anderson Cooper, one might guess that he is not a seasoned operative, but rather a young, perhaps idealistic, but more likely naive opportunist who unwittingly volunteered to become a tool for western media, or maybe even to further some personal or political ambition. Who really knows?

In the end, Danny Dayem is simply playing his role in Syrian Spring fable, helping to sway western public opinion towards regime change in Damascus.

Little is known about Danny’s personal history, like how many years he lived in the UK, or what university he attended there, and most importantly, if his parents or family have any links to the British or American foreign services. Danny speaks with a classic cockney, or ‘mockney‘ accent (mockney is a common term to describe a type of London accent spoke by foreigners who have resided in the UK for long periods of time). Knowing more about him would help greatly to either dispel – or clarify a number of myths surrounding CNN’s latest pocket-Arab media upstart. His accent certainly indicates that he has spent more time outside of Syria than inside of Syria.

Danny, who alleges he is from Syria, will not likely be able to return to his native land after being compromised so publicly –  not least of all for fear of him facing charges of treason in aiding western intelligence agencies in their propaganda war to destabilize and usurp the legitimate government of that sovereign nation. Danny’s options are limited now, especially after being exposed as a fake opposition activist where its unlikely he’ll be taken on by CNN in any official journalist capacity. If it turns out that he is indeed an intelligence asset for the British Foreign Office and the MI6 then he has already been “outed” by his untoward media exposure. All of these factors do not add up to a very promising career path for Mr Dayem, and is certainly a cause for worry for his own sake.

Shape-shifting Danny’s ambiguous media role-playing adventure may end up being his Achilles heel – no protection from either side, but with plenty of people gunning for him. He could easily be dumped by the same establishment whom he crawled into bed with.


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