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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline’ (2000)

Our weekly documentary film, curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE. 

EDITORS NOTE: At times, this film might sanitise the CIA infamous operation in Southeast Asia, just short of glorifying it, but the detail and over view of this piece of history is extremely education – especially when you consider how similar operations are doing the exact same operation in Turkey, Pakistan and Yemen. 

From its origins with the legendary Flying Tigers of WWII to the final days of the Vietnam War, the covert program of Air America is one of the most clandestine operations in CIA history. Watch:

Run time: 45 min
Produced & Directed by Monte Markham
Distribution: History Channel
Year: 2000




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  • jo6pac

    I was in the Calif. ANG at this time and they came around looking people to service C-119 and I almost signed up. I conversation with a neighbor he informed me just what it was they did. The money was great but I just stayed home. I did do 3 weeks worth the work on Inter Mountain Aviation plans down in the Az. desert. Some evil people only different name.

    • imbroglio

      Good boy !