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SYRIA: ‘Racism is Still Alive in the Heart of the West’ ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban


Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad

Those who sit in their high towers should remember the amount of suffering they have inflicted on our people, and they most also try to realize that all humans are equal, and that the life of Palestinian, Yemeni, Syria, or Iraqi child worth the same as the life of a child in London, New York, or Paris.

Maya, an 8-year-old, told her sister Farah, a 6-year-old, that their brother Saad began to walk and talk. Saad is at his aunt’s house, while the two girls to the Martyrs’ children family, and because they missed their brother so much, they started dreaming that he is walking now. The tears and longing of millions in the Syrian diaspora pass through modern telecommunications to their friends and loved ones.

Mother’s day is upon us, and many Syrian mothers have lost their children, some were martyred, others wounded, and some left the country for various reasons. This sadness and suffering are not noticed by the so-called humanitarian organizations. However, destroying the social fabric of Syria is one of their main goals of this war, in addition to breaking down society’s moral code and longstanding tradition. Nothing happens by chance, every terrorist attack and every battle is waged after careful planning by our enemies to achieve certain goals and to maximize the pain and suffering of our people.

How could any country or any organization in the world refuse to condemn the killing of innocent people at the Palace of Justice in Damascus? How could anyone justify through their silence such a culture of death? Remember when someone struck a bus in Tel Aviv and killed civilians, how Western media was full of victims’ pictures and stories about mothers and wives who lost loved ones, especially the story that one of the victims was getting married soon and how the attack tore the family apart?

What happened in Damascus was a terrible crime; more than seven young lawyers were killed in the prime of their youth at the hands of a hateful suicidal Wahhabi. Nonetheless, not a word of condemnation from countries and media outlets that pretend to care about human rights.

The big lie of the West being the guardian of civilization and humanism has collapsed, we have discovered that racism is still alive in the heart of the West.

They rarely condemn the death of a Palestinian or an Arab child at the hands of Zionists or terrorists, because the life of our people to them are worth less than the lives of a Westerner. The values of human rights, liberty, equality, and democracy is reserved for their countries, while our countries are doomed to being victims of terrorism and aggression. Seven million people starve in Yemen, the civilizations of Iraq and Syria are razed to the ground, and Libya and Sudan are divided. These are the objective of the Zionist long-term strategies, which are implemented over the decades.

What is more painful is that they destroy our countries using Arab petrodollars put in the services of their schemes. So, were are our strategies? And how should come up with these strategies and their implementation mechanisms? Isn’t it strange that the terrorists cut the water supply of seven million people in Damascus, and after the Syrian Army liberated the area, the UN comes out to accuse the Syrian Government of cutting the water supply! These organizations are untrustworthy and they should not be considered a credible source for news.

Those who sit in their high towers should remember the amount of suffering they have inflicted on our people, and they most also try to realize that all humans are equal, and that the life of Palestinian, Yemeni, Syria, or Iraqi child worth the same as the life of a child in London, New York, or Paris. We also have to do our part by examining our working mechanisms and by searching for the gaps that allowed the enemies to target our societies. Despite all the suffering in the Arab World, we must rise above our wounds and start working to strengthen our countries.

On mothers’ day, we salute the mothers of martyrs, wounded soldiers, captives, and kidnapped people, and all the mothers who gave their children to defend the homeland. For their sake, we have to wipe our tears and work tirelessly according to clear and methodical plans to strengthen ourselves and to prove ourselves worthy of the sacrifices they made and of continuing to live on the land of our forefathers.

We must ensure, through our careful planning and hard work, that a spring flourishes after such a harsh and bloody winter.


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  • Marko

    David Icke , speaking from Iceland re : the Westminster attack , sums it up nicely :

    ” The West is the biggest terrorist operation in the world. ”

  • peter westwood

    People need to read this…
    This is for YOU, 21st C Wire.
    You’ll know what to do, right?

  • Marko

    A recent (3/24 – Day 152 , Part 1) Youtube comment from George Webb about who might be deserving of investigative journalism awards :

    ” You have until May 15th for Global Shining Light! This is not a solicitation to vote for me. Actually, I think Eva Bartlett should get the vote. For sheer courage, Vanessa Beeley gets my vote for Worth Bingham. (former recipients Sy Hersh and Woodward and Bernstein) ”



    Considering Webb’s now-legendary status as an investigator , this is high praise indeed for Vanessa and Eva. Those of you who determined early-on that their reporting on Syria was most reliable – even as it was totally contrary to mainstream accounts – should pat yourselves on the back. You’ve shown a knack for sniffing out the truth-tellers , a vital skill nowadays.

    • Marko

      BTW , I think Dr. Shaaban is deserving of some kind of award as well. Maybe call it the ” Speaking Humane Truths to Inhumane Powers Award “.