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DAMASCUS: Syrian President Bashar Al Assad Fields Questions from French Media and Defends Alternative Media


21st Century Wire says…

Yesterday we reported on the targeting of a French delegation to Syria, led by politician, Thierry Mariani, by the US backed FSA (Free Syrian Army) Company 23. Aleppo airport was shelled by this group of primarily US supported “moderate rebels” led by a defected Syrian Arab Army colonel, Hassan Rajoob, just prior to the planned take off of the plane ferrying the delegation back to Damascus.

US Backed “Moderate Rebels” Target French Delegation in Aleppo

The delegation then met with Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad, on the 9th January 2017. Following the meeting, President Assad met with and fielded questions from French media.

” We always have hopes that the next (French) administration, or government, or president will want to deal with the reality, to disconnect themselves from the disconnected policy from our reality. That is our hope..and they can work for the interests of the French people. The question now, after six years, as a French citizen, do you feel safer? I dont think the answer is yes. The immigration problem, has it made the situation in your country better? […]This is the question the next administration, government, president should deal with in order to deal with our reality not what is in their imagination as has been happening for the last six years. 

(Fillon’s) rhetoric regarding the terrorists, or lets say the priority to fight the terrorists and not meddling in the affairs of other countries are welcome, but we have to be cautious, because what we have learned in this region, during the last few years, is that many officials would say something and do the opposite. I am not saying M Fillon would do this, I hope not, but we have to wait and see because there is no contact. But so far, what he is saying, if it is implemented, that will be very good. 

If I want to send (a message to French politicians) I would say the self evident thing, that we have to work for the interests of the Syrian citizens, and for the last six years the situation is going in the opposite direction.  The French politics harmed the French interests. For the French people, I would say the mainstream media has failed in most of the west, the narrative has been debunked because of the reality and you have the alternative media, you have to look for the truth. 

Truth was the main victim of the events in the Middle East, including Syria.

I would ask any citizen in France, please search for the reality, for the real information, through the alternative media. When they search for this information, they can be more effective, in dealing with their government, or at least not allowing some politicians to base their politics on lies. ” Watch ~



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  • Anon Q

    Ive looked all over the MSM (the real fake news) for news of the attack on the French and there’s nothing. Just your typical junk news.

    • Rollo10

      No, you wont find any pictures of the freed Syrians of Aleppo rejoicing either, because in their excitement, they praise Assad and Russia for releasing them from their hell at the hands of US backed Terrorists.

  • Meltonmark

    Well done the alt-media, and well done all those who regularly post extracts from AM articles, and links. The more we can disseminate the TRUTH, the faster the liars and their Zionist puppet masters will be brought to account.

  • LAZT

    Love this site for actual truth. It is so very important in this day and age of technology to spread truth through social media, because we cannot get any truth through corporate media. Thank you 21st Century Wire for this post.