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21WIRE.TV PREVIEW: ‘INSIGHT – Battle for Eurasia’ (49 min)

21st Century Wire says…

If you listened to the last week’s Sunday Wire Show, you may have heard me mention a new program that we’ve been working on behind the scenes – a co-production with the UK Column and brand new discussion and debate program called ‘INSIGHT.’

We are pleased to announce that production of this series is already underway, so we wanted to share a preview of the first pilot episode with our members at 21WIRE.TV

– EPISODE 1: ‘The Battle for Eurasia’ – As the EU and NATO press ahead, expanding their military reach and surrounding Russia from the Baltic states, through the Ukraine, and into the ‘Eurasian Heartland’ in Georgia and Armenia – geopolitical tension is sure to increase. Hosted by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson from the UK Column, and joined by two expert analysts – Eric Zuesse (Strategic Culture), and Alex Thomson (Eastern Approaches)…




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