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Orlando: FBI Informants & State Dept Links – UK Column – June 14, 2016

21st Century Wire says…

UK Column anchor Brian Gerrish, with guest co-presenter Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE, and geopolitical analyst, Alex Thomson with today’s international news including stunning new revelations about the recent record-breaking mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

START Known Wolves : Orlando – & a French Police Officer killed
8:10 comparison with Beslan School Massacre in Russia
12:00 Dunblane : Occulted documentation and Multiple Shooters
13:20 shooter visited nightclub & was a member of gay dating app
14:40 candidate in Afghan Presidential race : father of the shooter
19:30 G4S shares fall as gunman confirmed as a former employee
22:10 radical imam linked to security services within a web of lies
30:00 terrorist connections tie extensively into intelligence circles
33:50 Media blitz post Orlando features crowd-funding appeals
39:10 GCHQ : the British intelligence establishment & sadism
43:40 parasitical law firms rely on the State at vast public cost
47:30 link between Bilderberg & the #EUReferendumPsyOp
52:00 Deutsche Bank predicts revaluation of £ after Brexit
53:50 Alex Thompson Book Review : ‘And Into The Fire’

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