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Ancient Structures on The Moon? Examining the Testimony of Sgt. Karl Wolfe

Fact Fiction Theory

21st Century Wire says…

An interesting testimony, but is it rooted in reality?

There has been a lot of talk about the moon and many stories about alleged alien structures on its dark side.

David Icke has argued that the moon is an artificial structure and might even be hollow. What is fact and what is fiction?

Sgt. Karl Wolfe was interviewed by Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure project about a time that he was invited to visit Langley Air Force Base to see materials from a lunar orbiter.

He describes how he was told that a base had been found on the moon and even claims to have been shown photographs of the discovery:

“He pulled out one of these mosaics [photographs] and showed me this base, which had geometric shapes.”

“There were towers, there were spherical buildings, very tall towers and things that looked somewhat like large radar dishes but they were large structures.”

“They’re massive, some of the structures are half a mile in size.”

Watch the testimonial here:

Do you believe this testimony could be true? If so, where could the structures have come from?

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