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UK Column: Exposing US-UK Funded ‘First Responder’ NGO in Syria Tied to Terrorists

21st Century Wire says…

In the 21st Century, the proliferation of NGOs and charities overseas has filled a vacuum left by instability and conflict. While many of these organizations do good work and provide important services to vulnerable people, others are used as tools of regime change and conquest by neocolonialists in Europe and North America. The road to tyranny is paved with good intentions.

In this special edition of the UK Column News host Mike Robinson speaks to 21st Century Wire writer and researcher Vanessa Beeley about so-called NGO, The White Helmets (aka Syria Civil Defense). This US and UK government-funded “first responder” organization in Syria is shown to have deep ties to al-Nusra Front as well as links to ISIS, and it operates exclusively within terrorist-held areas in Syria, including participation in executions. Watch:

Reference articles by author Vanessa Beeley:




Also, watch our previous discussion from November 2015 here:


Read more UK Column can be found at http://www.ukcolumn.org

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