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Chicago Community Organizers Mobilize Flash Mobs to Shut Down Trump Campaign Rally

21st Century Wire says…

The 2016 Election has been one of many firsts. Last night saw an unprecedented incident ‐ where flash mobs from an opposing political party were successful in shutting down a presidential political rally.

Up to this point, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was getting hit from every conceivable angle, but mostly from his own party. Last night things took a disturbing partisan turn…

Early Friday evening, thousands of Trump attendees were already people packed into an indoor arena at the University of Illinois in Chicago, when the event was suddenly canceled after hundreds of young Democrat student protesters took the venue floor, before clashing with Trump’s Republican supporters only minutes before the candidate was due was to speak.

Citing “security concerns”, campaign event organizers announced the event was over. Chants of “We stopped Trump!”, and “Bernie, Bernie!” could be heard as student protesters occupied the center floor in the arena.

Scenes of tense confrontations, including fist fights, dominated media coverage with many broadcasters, including Don Lemon from CNN, blaming Donald Trump himself for the mobilization of the protesters and even called for Trump to “take responsibility” for the violence.

Trump’s election opponents took advantage of the media may-lay, with Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich, all condemning the disruptions at first, before laying blame on Trump, saying he alone was responsible for “the tone and tenor” at his rallies. Cruz took the media opportunity to say that Trump “affirmatively encourages violence.”

Expect More ‘Social Justice’ Mobs

Democrat Party website MoveOn.org posted that “hateful” Trump and his supporters have been “put on notice” and to expect flash mobs at all Trump political events in the future.

Democrat Party activists initially tried to pressure civic authorities to prevent the event from happening with student activists claiming “fears for their safety” referring to African-American and Hispanic students fears of Trump supporters coming to the area. A petition was started on MoveOn.org and managed to get roughly 5,000 signatures. When authorities refused to cancel the event beforehand, Democrat Party activists then began organizing a large street agitation. Following a week-long social media and political community organizing campaign, young student Democrats and ‘social justice’ activists converged on the venue last night, with signs and banners with anti-Trump slogans, including signs depicting the GOP candidate as Adolph Hitler, as well as other creative protest displays.

Outside of the arena, approximately 2,000 more protesters were positioned along the road hoping to confront Trump supporters as they exited the arena. Hundreds of police, including officers on horseback acted as a barrier between the flash mobs and the venue. Law enforcement managed to re-route Trump supporters via other egress points which avoided a street confrontation.

The Chicago Police Department arrested and detained four men and a woman at the event.

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  • justin stark

    And Trump is unfazed; he can buy all the Network and Internet Time he wants,
    any time he may wish to do so. These idiots can infest all the streets in every
    city, and it will only increase the overwhelming popularity of Donald Trump in
    the minds of actual Voters, which these little punks are not. The Police will do
    their jobs effectively; meanwhile, they are all being photographed, documented
    and data-based as the Provocateurs and Imbeciles they are – for the Future.

    • SRVES339

      Yup, those cops got right on the case by tackling and kicking the guy out that got cold cocked by a white Trump supporter right in front of a half dozen of them… he then sat down and finished his popcorn and watched the cops drag his victim out of the arena!

      Are these the ‘effective’ police you speak of?

  • SRVES339

    Trump has the right to hold a public rally, and those he offends and promotes hatred against have the right to protest…

    The violence… are the haters or the hated (the victims of the hate) to blame?

    • Mike Lashewitz

      The above is only true when the people who participated are not compensated by wealth elite trying to control public opinion. When you are paid to do something you would not normally do that is a form of coercion. When you pay to do it that is inciting.
      Those wealth elite who do these things JUST AS SOROS DID IN FERGUSON. must be held accountable and no fines paid will suffice. Only jail time in a public jail and prison will suffice. The time for the wealthy buying their way out of punishment is long past.
      Idiots speak of White Privilege when in reality it has always been WEALTH PRIVILEGE.
      DO THE TIME.

      • SRVES339

        Mike L hasn’t noticed the statistically skewed level of “white” in the “wealth privilege” class (like the white conservative SCOTUS justice who publicly advised black students against attending white privilege private universities… yeah, THAT WHITE PRIVILEGE)!

        Oh, and how is the entire political process not “the wealthy elite trying to control public opinion” (to the tune of close to $2,000,000,000,000 ‘white’ USD’s this cycle alone)?

        There is but one exception… Bernie Sanders (Trump IS the wealthy elite)!

        Cretins find excuses to defend hate, bigotry, and racism…

        • Mike Lashewitz

          Instead of using “white” above how about you call it what it is JEW. OK is that better?
          Or would you prefer “slave owners” Of course the first slave owner i America was BLACK and in New Orleans at the height of slavery there were over 3,000 Blacks who were slave owners and they owned over 10,000 slaves most of whom were white…. Sooo
          Now do you have a clue why I said WEALTH Privilege? By the way I am 39% Sub Saharan African of Jewish descent…
          Please tell me more….

          • SRVES339

            Lashewitz… who knew you were jewish… lol!

            Oh, and as far as that fairy tale goes, the gentleman in question died in 1670… 100 years before America was born. Also, his land was confiscated by the authorities in Virginia because it was determined a black man could not own property.

            And just how many ‘white’ slaves were there again… and just how many were lynched with impunity… and how many were banned from public places… denied the right to vote… denied any education…?

          • Mike Lashewitz
  • Is Trump being Gangstalked too now?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6EwkHNkG1s

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Soros paid for this Soros must be jailed.

  • colinjames71

    So this is justice for the SJWs? Preventing a candidate from speaking to his supporters by force? No hypocrisy there right? Meanwhile they support a candidate who unequivocally supports apartheid state Israel, is the best friend of Lockheed, has voted for nearly every war and child-killing sanction action and besides is a part of the establishment which has brought our country to this sorry state. Way to go, dummies.

  • MyNameisJonas

    This is to the readers of 21stCenturyWire. “Turn the other cheek.” Stop bashing each other over the head and battling in the comments section. This is exactly what the “nameless” crowd wants you to do. They want you to volunteer yourselves in identity politics and find a spot in the left/right paradigm. The same group of people (i.e. Fiat Currency Bankers) that funded the Bolshevik Revolution are the same players in capitalism. With this bickering you are playing right in their hands. If you are a sock puppet, please, carry on using your Alinsky Rules of Engagement to bring on tyranny.

  • Halfevl333

    All the protest did was give Trump a ton of air time, and no doubt a bunch of new supporters. I imagine a lot of undecided voters saw the idiots protesting and decided they did not want that bunch of idiots running the country.

    • Mr Reynard

      Yupp.. That’s what I would call, “Cutting its own nose, to spite its face “??

  • John Cook

    They did the same thing to Hitler, that’s why he created the SA (the ‘Brown Shirts’) to protect his right to speak…

  • Mr Reynard

    I like the word “Community Organizers” ?? Remind me of the description of “International Community “?? & not to forget the “World” ???