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‘Mass Evacuation’: ISIS Fighters Leaving After Russia Destroys 1,593 Targets in a Week

21st Century Wire says…

This makes you wonder what the Pentagon has been spending all that money on that was supposedly being used to ‘fight ISIS’.

Watch a video of this report here:

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov has provided another battle report on the past week of Russia’s anti-terror operations in Syria:

“Warplanes of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic have conducted 444 sorties, hitting 1,593 terrorist targets in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Daraa, Homs, Homs, Latakia and Aleppo from February 10 to February 16,”

Of most interest is the following:

‘He added that militants in Aleppo have carried out a mass evacuation of their families to the north of the province toward the Turkish border.’

It is incredibly encouraging to hear week-on-week reports of jihadists fleeing the battlefield, and, as Aleppo is being liberated, the Syrian army is now beginning an advance on the ISIS HQ in Raqqa.

Turkey is now working on re-establishing its arms smuggling route into Syria under the guise of a ‘secure’ area to try and save the terrorists, and Western media is hyping its anti-Russian propaganda to new levels.

Konashenkov had a message for those working with the enemy:

“Once again I remind you that the Russian Armed Forces together with partners launched a multi-level intelligence system that provides reliable data about the activities of terrorists in Syria and some of its neighbors day and night.”

Russia has already seen signs that Turkey is planning an invasion, and Saudi Arabia has publicly stated it will try to remove Assad by force if peace talks fail.

Do you believe ISIS is now done for? How much longer can they survive without a supply line?



  • John Cook

    There is an important factor in this coming disaster – that is the Khibiny.
    The Khibiny is an advanced Electronic Warfare system the Russians have developed that totally changes the ‘balance of power’
    They demonstrated it last year on the USS Donald Cook which was in the Black Sea trying to intimidating Russia over Crimea.
    Apparently an old Russian Fighter/Bomber approached the ship with a ‘basket’ of electronics slung under it and suddenly all the (‘state of the art’) Aeges systems shut down. Their screens went blank. The ‘Donald Cook’, previously a high tech lethal weapon, was helpless, while the non-descript Russian jet spent an hour doing a series of twelve mock attack runs over the ship. To say the crew was de-moralised would be an understatement.
    The Russians have already deployed the Khibiny to Syria and that means they can disable the fighting systems of the enemy at will. They just haven’t switched it on yet.

    • Karl Grosvenor

      I find this rather amusing because the arrogant Americans always think they are the best at everything but this incident just shows how inferior they really are! Well if they wasn’t trying to stir up trouble around the world and sticking their noses constantly into other peoples business the world wouldn’t hate them so much! Anyway America’s time as a super power and a world wide bully is near an end thank heavens but I bet they want to start one last war before their decline!

      • John Cook

        It’s interesting that Putin chose to demonstrate it. A decision to publicly show what should/could have been a ‘Top Secret’ weapon system is very telling.
        It means that Russia Doesn’t want War. You don’t give away the fact that the US navy would be slaughtered in any full on conflict if you actually Wanted to sink Americas aircraft carriers…

      • robert owen

        I am an American but then again I was putinto a military academy at age 5, and have stuied military history for over 50 years, and have had a lifetime subsciption to Janes Defense weekly along with Aviatin and Space week technology. Notwithstanding having worked as an enginer with Rockwell intl, Northrop Grumman andbecause I used to have some of the higest security clearances we give out, know full well the real level of technologies the weapon engineers have to compete against on a world wide basis. You have a knife, I build a gun. You uild a cannon, I build a combat fighter bomber.You build an anti aircraft gun, I build an advanced spoof and cloak avianoics system and ELM counter measures, then you build stealth and I build electro-magnetic super weapons that can utilise space based cosmic enrgy to destroy planets. Go to the US navy’s SECCHI stereo viewer of the war that was taking place in space from 2007-2011 and even after other skirmishes between the allies and the darl forces who run this planet, and you can see how the dark forces of the Dracos were using the sun as a energy source of electro magnetic power to create planet shields for incoming cosmic-energy weapons. Its always about who is the stronger and most intelligent sociopath who is the sickest among the life in the universe who builds the most destructive weapons to defend or destroy life. Its all about energy, and that enrgy is what we are made of, that without it we could not think, or see or our heart and lungs would not fire their siganls to pump, without the same electro magnetic wave form of energy that powers the universe of all life and matter with universal consciousness that is woven into it, as the ether.



        The “Domed Flat Earth” Spaceship ..

        Star Wars recorded on NASA cams – The 2007 War vs Reptilians, Greys, Borgs .

        Ed – The Matrix Numbers Editor – Close-up on Secchi Cor2-A …

        The Nasa Cor2-A Masking Failure with Ed (The Numbers Editor) visible …

        • John Cook

          ‘Domed Flat Earth Shields’???
          Please go away dis-info monger.

    • robert owen

      Well the COLD WAR was never over. That said, there has always been since time began, sociopathsamog us who seek power and control to feed their sick and perverse intellectual, emotional and spiritual bankruptcy, and they exist among every population group, irrespective of class, ethnicity and nationastate they live in. Its why even though the Jesuit Order of the Illuminati have through having a compny branch office in every community in the western hemisphere, the idea in the beginning was to amss enough wealth and power through pilaging and plundering as many nations as they did in the western hemisphere particulary in the 20th century was and always will be the Satanic dark forces that are woven into the global estate trust and western monarchs of europe that originate from the centuries old Holy Roman Empire, and the skirmishes that were endemeic even uno their own bloodlines, no different than the Romanov’s and Queen Victoria and rival factions that included the German King. These are secret society coven alliances where sociopathic people seek ultimate control, but are always competing against other sick sociopaths in their own families and nation states. Putin has always represented the balance of power and has thus far seemed hostile to accepting the Satanic New World Order through the private corporation of the UN.

      Which is also owned by the Vatican. Since time began it has always been sociopathic male dominant types who never grew up and matured into intellectually, emotionally and spiritually enlightened individuals that understand how to live in peace, harmony and balance with life around them without seeking to destroy whatever is in their way to get what they want, because they have absolutely no conscience or empathy or love for life as the basis upon what their behavior represents to the rest of the world.

      They represent the sickest among us for those who have a more enlightened world view who seek to live with love in their heart and in service to the community they live to make it better for everyone, is why we seek no power or control over anyone, for that is the natural state of a much higher evolved spiritual being that is far more connected with the love energy that flows through the woven fabric of cosmic energy the universe is made up of that manifests life everywhere in the universe.

    • http://amerilynx.blogspot.com/ cheetah88

      i have looked into this and found it to be true. original story was on russian news site rg.ru, here is link: http://www.rg.ru/2014/04/30/reb-site.html#more

      • John Cook

        Thank you Cheetah, good work.

  • Mr Reynard

    I do hope, that the Russian Air Force is using moderate ordnance against the moderate terrorist ??
    It’s only fair ??

    • Karl Grosvenor

      ISIS is extreme not moderate!

      • Mr Reynard

        Humph… Silly me? thinking that ISIS is moderate & that the extremely bad guy is Assad ?? Must be my addiction to CNNNBCABCFOX ???

        • Purnomo Sugiano

          Some people just don’t get it dude Lol!

  • Simon Gunson

    Sounds like they’re all losing their heads?

    Run away little birdies

  • Meltonmark

    I was reviewing the Western media’s hand-wringing, lavish reports about the Ankara bomb. It was strange how many photos were available, and details. I can’t recall the last time I saw ANY photos of the US.UK ‘up and at ’em lads’ bombing of ISIS.
    Why is that?

    • Meltonmark

      There was a rare article on Robert Mugabe. Seems he has turned 90. I can’t recall the last time I saw ANY mass-demonstrations or international sanctions against this psychopath. Plenty against poor old Ian Smith back in the day. Why is that?

      • joe mcivor


      • Peter

        The Zimbos are too scared to rise up against Mad bob. The country is so bad a third of its citizens have left rather than fight to change it.

      • Mark Desmond Hughes

        There was one by war veterans over the weekend that was put down by water cannon and tear gas.

    • Karl Grosvenor

      I smell a rat about this one!

  • Neil Creed

    I cant believe there are still folks in the west that think Russia is the bad guy

    • Karl Grosvenor

      You can blame the likes of the biased American media and the BBC!

  • Karl Grosvenor

    Well done Russia but Obama,Saudi Arabia and Turkey won’t like you destroying their friends so will no doubt seek revenge on you!

  • Peter

    Well done Russia. Thank you for doing something to fight ISIS