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PRETEXT FOR WAR: Turkey Hyping ‘New Influx of 600,000 Refugees’, Russia Warns of Imminent Invasion

21st Century Wire says…

The perfect storm is edging ever closer towards us.

Watch a video of this report here:

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus is hyping a new threat that could be used as a pretext for war with Syria:

“The worst-case scenario that could happen in this region in the short term would be a new influx of 600,000 refugees at the Turkish frontier.”

Where exactly he gets the number 600,000 from is a mystery, but we should note that the Deputy Turkish PM calls this a ‘short term’ threat, meaning any response to this should be expected in the very near future.

Despite being widely credited as being the central force destroying ISIS, Kurtulmus also sought to say his prediction was ‘a consequence’ of Russian actions fighting terrorists in Aleppo.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said:

“Our objective for now is to keep this wave of migrants on the other side of Turkey’s borders as much as is possible, and to provide them with the necessary services there.”

Will it perhaps take a humanitarian intervention to ‘provide them with the necessary services’ over ‘there‘ across the Syrian border?

Just last week, Russia was openly warning that it believed Turkey was planning an invasion of Syrian territory.

Russian commanders reported that Turkey refused their request to fly a surveillance flight over the Turkish border and saw ‘more and more signs of concealed preparations by the Turkish military‘.

Turkey has been using its border with Syria to smuggle stolen Syrian oil from ISIS terrorists, which raises questions as to why they are now raising the border with Syria as an issue.

21WIRE‘s own Patrick Henningsen and Stuart J. Hooper discussed the possibility of such an invasion scenario occurring on a similar pretext just yesterday afternoon.

Could this supposed threat of a new influx of 600,000 refugees be the pretext Turkey is going to use to justify an invasion of Syrian territory?

How will Russia respond to a Turkish invasion, particularly after it has already been openly supporting the Syrian government?

Are all of the pieces now in place for the next World War?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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