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Will American Law Enforcement Lie, Cheat and Forge Police Reports? Answer: Yes.

21st Century Wire says…

The issue of honest policing and institutional corruption within law enforcement has been exercised over and over, with every high-profile controversy. Certainly, 2015 had its fair share of these kind of incidents.

The issue of institutional corruption still goes unattended however, as media seem to prefer the obsession of spinning every story in terms of race, or class, rather than seriously looking at the problem of devolving so much power and blind authority that are by their very nature – often corrupt.

Where is the DOJ, and where is the President weighing-in? Where are the race mobs? Is this story not sexy enough for the media?

This latest story should be a warning to everyone about what would likely be systemic in the fully-functioning police state which Washington DC is currently attempting to construct under the noses of its citizens…


Why did Mississippi police release two versions of fatal shooting report?

Matt Kessler


Since 26-year-old Ricky Ball was shot and killed by police in October, the black community in Columbus, Mississippi, has grappled with questions that don’t have clear answers.

Why did police shoot Ball that night? Why did a string of police officials resign in the months that followed? And why did police claim Ball stole a gun from a police officer’s home only after his death?

Attempts to obtain police documents about the case have raised a new question: why did police release two different versions of events from the shooting?

Documents obtained by the Guardian show police altered a document labeled “uniform incident report” in Ball’s death. An initial version published by the Commercial Dispatch said an officer “tased” Ball before he fled. A new version of the incident report released to the Guardian does not include any mention of Taser use.

“One of these two reports is not true”…

Continue this story at the Guardian

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  • Mike Lashewitz

    CYA cover your ass. Why did the FBI “find” a 9MM semiautomatic handgun on Lavoy Finicum when Lavoy was known for carrying an 8 inch revolver cowboy style. Apparently this ‘weapon’ was also a “STOLEN” weapon almost 2 years ago…
    More over all of the video shows the FBI shooting while Lavoy’s hands ACTUALLY WERE over his head, yet the FBI claims he was reaching for “a gun”. But only that AFTER he was shot at least 3 times in the abdomen. BEFORE the FBI unloaded over 100 rounds into the vehicle where ONCE AGAIN nobody pulled a weapon and all were laying on the floor to avoid being killed in a hail of bullets.
    Now today those people jailed having never pulled a weapon never having fired AT ALL sit in solitary confinement. NEVER HAVING COMMITTED A CRIME at all.
    What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”???
    Meanwhile in Texas an illegal entered a man’s home and the homeowner wrestles the gun away from the illegal and beats the shit out of him. What happened there?
    Well the illegal was released on $20,000.00 bond. A Violent Crime with a weapon, attempted murder, released so he can run back to Mexico or in the least commit another violent crime???
    Hmmmm, innocent people in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT and an illegal in a violent crime with attempted murder walks free. . . .

    (Note the obvious Michael Brown connotation above. Hands up don’t shoot while the FBI claimed Lavoy charged them in waist deep snow….)

  • Mr Reynard

    Will American Law Enforcement Lie, Cheat and Forge Police Reports?
    Here another question, that could answer for the first ??
    Do bears crap in the forest ??